Bripka Ricky’s mother said that her son could not have committed a murder if there was no order from Ferdy Sambo Reporter, Aggi Suzatri TRIBUNNEWS.COM, PALEMBANG – Siti Masitoh, mother of Brigadier Ricky Rizal alias Brigadier RR did not expect that his son was involved in the premeditated murder case against Brigadier Nofriansyah Yoshua Hutabarat or Brigadier J last Friday (8/7/2022). The reason is according to Siti Masitoh’s confession, Brigadier Ricky Rizal is known as … Read more

The anger of Donatella Hodo’s boyfriend commits suicide in prison: “They left her alone.” The lawyer: “Everyone is committed, even the judge”

Anger from the boyfriend of Donatella Hodo, 27-year-old committing suicide in prison after inhaling gas from the cell stove. “It wasn’t the suicide in prison of a drug addict. Donatella, my Dona, had been clean for a year. Now that it’s gone, I read and hear poison comments. Too many are making judgments without knowing … Read more

Amnesty International: Ukraine committed war crimes

loading… Amnesty International says Ukraine has committed war crimes for building military bases and operating weapons from civilian areas. Photo/Illustration LONDON – international human rights organizations, Amnesty International (AI), accuse Ukraine have done war crimes during the ongoing military conflict with the troops Russia . In a release, AI said the Ukrainian military tactics violated … Read more

Austria, there is a suspect in the case of the doctor who committed suicide after the threats of the no-vaxes

There is a suspect in the story of the Austrian doctor who committed suicide last week after receiving after being targeted by conspiracy theorists and activists opposed to the anti-Covid vaccination. The judicial authorities of Bavaria are investigating a person suspected of having threatened the woman. “There is an investigation into a man from Upper … Read more

Investigation into threats Austrian doctor who committed suicide

Kellermayr regularly spoke out publicly in favor of the corona policy and the usefulness of vaccinations. For that reason, she had to be protected, because she had been threatened for more than seven months by antivaxers and corona conspiracy theorists. A spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service in Munich informed the Austrian news agency APA … Read more

Francis: Genocide was committed against the natives of Canada

On his return from Canada, Pope Francis held a press conference during his flight from Iqaluit to Rome. He not only looked back on his 37th apostolic journey, but also talked about colonialism, answered a journalist’s question about whether he was thinking of resigning from the duties of the Pope, about his future travel plans, … Read more

The atrocities committed by Russian troops against captured Ukrainians are recognized as a war crime

Representatives of the Ukrainian intelligence services say that the shooting took place from the Russian side. The telephone conversations of the occupiers intercepted and made public by the intelligence services after the incident also show that Russia itself carried out this attack. A day before that, a video appeared on the Internet in which a … Read more

Castilla-La Mancha is committed to an “intense campaign” of vaccination that includes 626,000 doses against influenza and meningococci

Castilla-La Mancha is committed to an “intense campaign” of vaccination that includes 626,000 doses against influenza and meningococci The Minister of Equality and spokesperson, Blanca Fernández, has detailed that with this amount the contracting of the supply of vaccines to deal with both diseases is guaranteed. Blanca Fernández has launched an awareness message, since “experience … Read more

The mother of the murderer of “the Mansoura student” breaks her silence and finally confesses.. That’s why my son committed the crime!! (details revealed for the first time)

2022/07/27 It’s 08:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The mother of Muhammad Adel, the killer of Mansoura student Naira Ashraf, commented on the decision to execute her son, saying: My son is not a criminal… and I spent 3 days with mercy on Naira. She stressed that she does not defend her son’s killing … Read more

Pope Francis wears Indian headdress in Canada and asks forgiveness for crimes committed by Christians – Video

At the end of the meeting with the native populations of Canada a Maskwacisthe indigenous leader Wilton Littlechilda survivor of the former Ermineskin residential school where the ceremony took place, donated to Papa and Indian chief headdress, solemnly placing it on his head to the sound of drums and a traditional native song, to the … Read more