The Fintech Teleprestamos is committed to helping the user of online loans

/ COMMUNICATE / The online loan comparator Teleprestamos has improved its help service with online loans by offering free advice to users from its financial experts. With this measure he intends to make them get better conditions when hiring a loan online Online loans offer many advantages, such as speed, simplicity in management, or the … Read more

He has been molesting his charges for years. John Geddert committed suicide

Former coach of the US Olympic team of gymnasts committed suicide. John Geddert was charged with human trafficking and sexual assault. The allegations were related to the scandal that shook the sport in the US. John Geddert pictured in 2011 /KIMIMASA MAYAMA /PAP / EPA John Geddert, 63, is dead – he committed suicide. “My … Read more

Marcel Keff, former Michelin-starred chef, committed suicide at 63

Marcel Keff, a former starred chef, committed suicide at the age of 63 on February 23 in his restaurant La Lorraine, report our colleagues from the Republican Lorrain. Retired since 2017, Marcel Keff, had left the orders of the family restaurant, located in Zoufftgen (Moselle), to his son Lucien Keff. The Republican Lorrain specifies that … Read more

‘Wonderful People’ live their most exciting and committed night on Televisión Canaria

‘Wonderful People’ live their most exciting and committed night on Televisión Canaria Eloísa González returns this Monday to the Televisión Canaria grill with a new installment of the season’s revelation program ‘Gente Maravillosa’ after giving way to the special Carnival programming last week. It will be at 10:15 pm when the program begins, this time … Read more

Only electricity from 2025: Jaguar is fully committed to e-drives

JLR PublishedFebruary 19, 2021, 4:49 am The British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover sees the future of the brands purely electric. Jaguar should only offer electric cars from 2025. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) wants to reposition itself with the “Reimagine” strategy. CEO Thierry Bolloré presented a comprehensive program that has “modern luxury, distinctive design and electrification … Read more

Le Matin – Facebook is committed to the fight against climate disinformation

Facebook announced on Thursday the launch of a tool to debunk untruths about climate change, taking a further step in its policy of actively combating disinformation. The new tool is integrated into the Climate Information Center, a page launched last September by the Californian group that brings together facts and data on the climate from … Read more

A man in western Germany killed four family members, set fire to a house and subsequently committed suicide World

Berlin A man in western Germany killed his wife, mother-in-law and two small children, then set fire to a family house and committed suicide. Referring to the police, the DPA reported. Already on Friday, police officers reported five dead after a house fire near Wuppertal. At that time, the details were not yet known. <!—-> … Read more

Sacred Biolay and Apple, Yseult and Hervé revealed during a committed evening

Benjamin Biolay, Pomme, Yseult and Hervé at the 36th Victoires de la musique, February 12, 2021. – AFP (B.GUAY) SIPA (L.VU) Grand Prizes for Benjamin Biolay, with a double, and Pomme, sacred female artist, at the 36th Victoires de la musique on Friday, which became stands in support of the disaster-stricken live performance and the … Read more

Famous TikTok blogger committed suicide

Photo: Dazhariya Shaffer committed suicide. More than 1.6 million people have subscribed to the girl’s TikTok page, as well as tens of thousands on Instagram and YouTube. TikTok blogger 18-year-old Dazharia Shaffer, known on the social network as Dee, committed suicide. Reported by People with reference to the girl’s relatives. “I just want to … Read more

A 20-year-old American committed suicide due to massive debt in a trading app. After his death, it turned out that it was a mistake.

Last June, American Alex Kearns committed suicide after trading application Robinhood reported that he owed $ 730,000. The day after his suicide, the application notified him that there was no debt. 20-year-old American Alex Kearns committed suicide in June last year, mistakenly believing that he lost almost $ 730,000 in a risky bet on the … Read more