The historic success of the communists and the further growing free. The Salzburg elections highlighted the crisis of the traditional parties iRADIO

It strengthened both the extreme right and the extreme left. The center weakened. These are the main conclusions from the weekend elections to the Salzburg State Assembly. In addition to the second place for the Free Party of Austria, which confirms its constantly growing support, the unprecedented result of the Communists was particularly interesting. They … Read more

Apologize over mass murder of communists in Indonesia is ‘too little and too late’

AFPIndonesian President Joko Widodo NOS News•Wednesday, 13:14 Mustafa Marghadi Southeast Asia correspondent Mustafa Marghadi Southeast Asia correspondent Casini (79) shuffles towards her father’s cemetery with her basket full of colorful petals. It is located in the village where she lives, near the town of Kramat on the north coast of Java. She comes once a … Read more

He resisted the Nazis, escaped the Communists. Musila broke until the invasion, he died mysteriously

From a skier to a fighter Cyril Musil was born on November 26, 1907 in Studnice (today Nové Město na Moravě) and stood on skis for the first time at the age of three. His racing career began during his military service in Jihlava, when in 1928 he drew attention to himself with his performances … Read more

The communists expelled them, they also survived the loss of a baby. Juraj Kukura still talks to his wife out of respect

I always say, and it is still true, that my home is where my wife is, says Juraj Kukura. The audience loved him, the communists hated him. Juraj Growth was one of the youngest actors who acquired the title of meritorious artist, but it was later taken away from him. While filming abroad, he was … Read more

COMMENTARY: The eleven strings warn even today about the brutality of the communists and the progress of Moscow

The trial of the General Secretary of the Communist Party Rudolf Slánský is not as often remembered as the trial of Milada Horáková, because there was no woman among the eleven hanged, and above all, it no longer involved supporters of democracy against the communists. Communists were on both sides. As soon as the Czechoslovak … Read more