Kookmin Becomes Majority Shareholder, Bukopin Changes the Composition of the Board of Directors and Commissioners Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Bank Bukopin Tbk overhauled its board of directors and commissioners at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders ( RUPSLB) which was held in Jakarta today, Tuesday (25/8/2020). In the agenda, the Bukopin board of commissioners who were replaced, namely Moch Hadi Santoso, Karya Budiana, and Muhammad Subhan Aksa. In exchange, the … Read more

the probable composition of the Parisians with Verratti and Navas

With the same system, and probably the two expected returns. For the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, this Sunday evening from 9 p.m. (to be watched live on RMC Sport 1), the Paris Saint Germain should evolve with the three midfield pattern which proved convincing in the half. >> Subscribe to RMC Sport offers … Read more

U16 Baltic Cup: known team composition; Friday live video broadcasts from Kaunas at 17:30 and 19:45

Latvian U16 teams will take part in the Baltic Cup tournament in Kaunas from August 14 to 16. The games will take place without the presence of spectators, live video will be provided. Girls team game Boys team game Latvian U16 boys team head coach Agris Galvanovskis: “Individual and team trainings, test games with U18 … Read more

the composition of their famous nuggets unveiled, Internet users are in shock!

McDonald’s: the French love to eat in fast food restaurants and are almost the biggest consumers in the world! Although we live in the great country of French gastronomy, this does not prevent the French from also appreciating the food from fast food restaurants, which can be found at McDonald’s or Burger King. But while … Read more

The composition of the Nuggets finally revealed “Shock”! it disgusts consumers, they no longer want to go!

Nuggets: The French are fans of Fast Food and McDonald’s in particular. It is even a real passion. You just have to see the huge queues in the various restaurants at the time of deconfinement. Among the best-selling products, nuggets feature prominently. Many consumers would like to know what is in them. We tell you … Read more

The music industry is calling for the introduction of local composition quotas on radio. 40% of the broadcasts should be published in Latvia – Society and Politics – News

The Latvian music industry has turned to the Ministry of Culture to reduce the sector’s losses in the current crisis. It is called to introduce minimum quotas for music programs created in Latvia for radio programs. The offer stipulates that 40% of all transmitted recordings should be in Latvian or published and registered in Latvia … Read more

The ex-Minister of justice of Ukraine has accused Zelensky voter fraud :: Policy :: RBC

Personnel policy of the new government based on the fact that “choose bad from the worst,” said former justice Minister of Ukraine Olena Lukash in interview to the channel “112 Ukraine”. According to her, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky deceived their voters, as it has not fulfilled campaign promises to get rid of the … Read more