Comptroller criticizes lack of clarity in plans to use international loans • Semanario Universidad

The Comptroller’s Office indicates that the reports presented by the Executive Branch do not even detail the amount that will be transferred to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), whose funds are intended to mitigate the effect of the reduction in the Minimum Base Contributive product of the crisis generated by COVID-19. An audit … Read more

Social outbreak: 7 Carabineros generals to whom CGR filed charges appeal to the Supreme Court | National

The seven generals of the High Command of Carabineros, to whom the Comptroller’s Office filed charges of administrative responsibility in police procedures during the social outbreak, They appealed to the Supreme Court accusing acting illegal and arbitrary of the comptroller Jorge Bermúdez. From civil society organizations, they ensure that this type of action seeks extend … Read more

Ascencio officiates the Comptroller’s Office to oversee President Piñera for millionaire transfers to tax havens

Deputy DC explained that “the conditions in which the President of the Republic’s business would take place could generate possible conflicts of interest, a situation that we recall has already been addressed previously, as happened with the well-known Exalmar case for activities of the President. In that sense , Law 20,880 requires the creation of … Read more

Mayor of San Ramón for hired with criminal records: “51 are disengaged from 2017” | National

He Mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Aguilera, referred to the final report of the Comptroller General of the Republic where it was verified that the municipality hired 54 people with criminal records for crimes or simple crimes. The foregoing, as a result of an investigation that arose after complaints of nepotism and also possible links … Read more

Comptroller’s Office checks 54 people hired with criminal records in San Ramón | National

The Comptroller General of the Republic presented on Tuesday the final report on the audit of compliance with the inabilities of personnel of the Municipality of San Ramón, after the hiring people with criminal records. According to what was verified by the prosecuting body, Four servers hired by the municipality, between January 1, 2014 and … Read more

President Piñera signed bills that condemn corruption and economic crimes

This Friday, President Sebastián Piñera presented four projects that are part of the so-called Agenda Antiabusos. The norms and modifications presented by the president aim to increase the tools to combat corruption and the economic crimes. In the financial sphere, an increase in the penalties for collusion in cases of essential goods or services is … Read more

Markets will decide regulations, not government, claims Comptroller of Currencies

Brian Brooks, Comptroller of the Currency, said that the future of cryptocurrency regulations is in the hands of the people, not the government. He told Cointelegraph’s Alex Cohen at the LA Blockchain Summit that believes that change tends to happen slowly. While Internet 1.0 didn’t seem revolutionary, look where we are today. “At the end, … Read more

In the midst of the controversy with the Carabineros and the attacks by Chile Vamos, Comptroller Bermúdez met with President Piñera

In the midst of the controversy that the Comptroller’s Office faces with Carabineros, the head of the agency, Comptroller Jorge Bermúdez, arrived at La Moneda yesterday afternoon to hold a meeting with President Sebastián Piñera. The appointment comes after the multiple signs of support from the Government and from the right towards the uniformed police … Read more

Long shifts and lack of protection: the shortcomings detected by the Comptroller’s Office in CDP Santiago Sur | National

This Friday, Comptroller’s Office presented the results of an audit carried out to Gendarmería de Chile, where a series of shortcomings in relation to the working conditions of officials who work in the CDP Santiago Sur, Former Penitentiary, in the Metropolitan region. This, in order to review if the entity has mechanisms that allow the … Read more

Duque delivers new section of Ruta del Sol III in Bosconia

President Iván Duque will deliver this Thursday, 18 fully completed kilometers of the Ruta del Sol III, between Valledupar and Bosconia, after last February the president of the Colombians made official the reactivation of the works that were paralyzed for more than two years. The works on this road artery have been suspended since July … Read more