The Austrian Parliament approves compulsory vaccination against Covid-19

Austria Parliament on Thursday approved mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 in adults from next month, becoming the first European country to take such a decision despite protests. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Since the proposal was announced in November in an effort to increase vaccination coverage, tens of thousands of people have been gathering … Read more

The Austrian Parliament approves compulsory vaccination against Covid-19

Since the proposal was announced in November in an effort to increase vaccination coverage, tens of thousands of people have been gathering at regular demonstrations over the weekends to protest against compulsory vaccination. With the exception of the far right, all other parties supported the proposal, which was adopted by 137 votes to 33. “It … Read more

The first country in Europe to introduce compulsory vaccination against COVID-19: fines of up to 3.6 thousand euros

Tens of thousands of people have protested against compulsory vaccination at regular weekend rallies since such plans were announced in November to boost vaccination rates in Austria. However, all parties except the far right supported the measure, with the new law passed 137 votes to 33. “It was adopted by a (necessary) majority,” said Doris … Read more

One vote left: The Seimas tends to legislate for compulsory vaccination of some employees

The amendments were initiated by the government in an effort to ensure the functioning of health and social care facilities due to the rapid spread of the omicron strain of coronavirus. Speaking before the amendments, parliamentarians said that the policy of managing the pandemic must be based on trust, not coercion, and supporters pointed out … Read more

Coronavirus ONLINE: The government will decide on compulsory vaccination. And omicron has gained strength in the Czech Republic

Criminalists accused a 44-year-old man from Vlašim in the Benešov region of spreading a contagious disease. Although he was positive for the coronavirus, he did not remain in isolation and moved without respiratory protection among others. Among other things, he endangered firefighters intervening in the fire of his house and police officers who stopped him … Read more

Parliamentary debate on compulsory vaccination: who will advise our elected officials?

Serious things really start today. At 2 p.m., in the Health Committee of the Chamber, the deputies will choose which experts will be heard in the context of the debate on the obligation to vaccinate against Covid. Yesterday, each political group (N-VA, VB, PS, Vooruit, MR, Open VLD, Ecolo-Groen, Cdh, CD&V and PTB-PVDA) submitted its … Read more

Demonstrations in various cities in Germany against restrictions and compulsory vaccination

The marches intend to establish a historical parallelism with the protests that began in the GDR in 1989 and that ended up toppling the eastern socialist regime Thousands of people have gone out again this Monday at streets from several cities Germany to protest against the restrictions in the face of the pandemic and before … Read more

Compulsory vaccination against coronavirus has been introduced in Austria since February

Photo by Judita Grigelyts (V) Austria will be the first European country in summer to vaccinate adults against COVID-19, Chancellor Karl Nehammer said on Sunday, acknowledging it was a sensitive topic. According to Nehammer, a Conservative who took office in December, those who disobey will face heavy fines. We will decide on the mandatory vaccination … Read more

Austria will introduce vaccine compulsory from February – VG

Austria wants to stagnate pandemic with vaccine coercion. The picture is from Vienna on January 6. Photo: Lisa Leutner / AP / NTB Vaccination against covid-19 will be mandatory in Austria from the beginning of February, according to a bill from the government published on Sunday. Published: Updated today 15:58 The proposal is expected to … Read more