Compulsory military service is the life insurance of small countries / Article

State Secretary of the Finnish Ministry of Defense Esa Pulkinen was invited to a conversation by LTV journalist Ina Strazdiņa. State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Finland Esa Pulkinen Photo: LTV Ina Strazdiņa: You are here in Latvia to talk about one of the issues that are very relevant for us at the … Read more

An opinion about compulsory military service, which did not leave many indifferent

The news that from 2023 the Ministry of Defense is proposing to gradually introduce a mandatory State Defense Service in Latvia over a period of 5 years, it seems, did not leave anyone indifferent. The social network is still fighting over this topic. Rihard’s opinion, which he published on Facebook, has become especially popular. “The … Read more

Compulsory vaccination against Covid-19? – Doctors Covid Collective

With the summary proceedings of the Association of Dutch Airline Pilots (VNV) against KLM, the subject of “mandatory vaccination” was once again topical. Despite statements by the then Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Hugo de Jonge that this would never happen in the Netherlands, the threat lingered like a shadow. Mandatory vaccination has already … Read more

Latvia plans to restore compulsory military service

“The current Latvian military system has reached its limit. At the same time, we have no reason to believe that Russia will change its behavior,” said Pabriks. Compulsory military service will be introduced within five years, according to plans by the Ministry of Defense. The Latvian public law server LSM specified that from 2023 to … Read more

compulsory “patriotic education” at school from age 6-

from Marco Imarisio The rewriting of the didactic history books was not considered satisfactory, it matters little that any reference to Ukraine had already been deleted. Go to the new floor The new courses are aimed at teaching the love and gratitude of young people for the fighters of the Great Patriotic War and all … Read more

The project that worries the unions: “School must remain compulsory until the age of 18”

As part of the recovery plan for Wallonia, the Walloon government intends to improve the quality of qualifying education and vocational training in order to bring the training of young people more in line with the job market and to limit the rate of unemployment. To do this, the Region is displaying its objective of … Read more

Compulsory technical inspection in 2023 for motorcycles in Wallonia: is Gérard right to be indignant?

A technical control for motorcycles will be put in place from January 1, 2023 in Wallonia. Compulsory, it must be carried out only after an accident or when reselling the vehicle. A measure of protection for the purchaser, but also of safety for the injured motorcyclist. “They want to impose a technical control for motorcycles … Read more

CAM launches a product dedicated to compulsory health insurance for farmers

Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM), the first partner of farmers and the rural world, is mobilizing for the program to generalize social coverage for the benefit of farmers. The bank is launching “Tasbiq Addaman Al-Ijtimaii”, a product dedicated to Compulsory Health Insurance (AMO), and is setting up a specific system to support this program. CAM … Read more

La Jornada – SCJN will discuss compulsory anticovid vaccination for children between 5 and 11 years old

Mexico City. Minister Margarita Ríos Farjat proposed to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) to authorize judges throughout the country to grant suspensions so that minors between five and eleven years of age can receive vaccines against the covid-19 that are authorized by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks … Read more

Vaccination Commission: There is no technical support to eliminate compulsory vaccination against covid-19

This is the first page of the response document, which contains 25 pages. This was given on May 19, three days after his formal written request, on May 16. “Based on the information available, it is not possible to recommend, from a technical point of view, to eliminate the mandatory vaccination.” With this forcefulness, the … Read more