High-end audio into wireless earphones, Final ZE3000

The dominance of the wireless earphone market still lies with consumer electronics and IT companies such as Apple and Samsung, but that does not mean that traditional audio makers have completely turned their backs on the market. It has not changed that their main business is wired devices, but keeping up with the times is … Read more

Intel has switched to DirectX 9 emulation for new Arc and Xe graphics cards – Computer – News

Intel has stopped offering native support for DirectX 9 on its most recent Arc and integrated Xe graphics cards. Instead, those GPUs use a DirectX emulation layer from Microsoft, which according to the maker performs relatively well. Intel confirms on his website that the Arc video cards and the integrated Xe GPUs from twelfth generation … Read more

Zoom fixes flaw in Mac software that allowed hacker to take over computer | Tech

Video calling app Zoom has released an update for Macs and MacBooks. This fixes a malicious bug, reports MacRumors. Through a vulnerability in the software, malicious parties could take over a computer. Whether the leak was actually exploited remains unclear. The vulnerability was discovered by cybersecurity expert Patrick Wardle, who shared his findings at the … Read more

A quantum computer using giant atoms could mimic the human brain

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Thanks to the quantum properties of matter, in particular superposition and entanglement, quantum computers promise to offer unrivaled computational capabilities, which will make it possible to meet major challenges in several fields of fundamental research. But these computers are still very sensitive to external … Read more

Big car for little money

Aiways, this name is probably not yet known on the German car market. This company released their first car, the Aiways U5, for sale with us after just three years. We were allowed to test the car for you. We were able to test the Aiways U5 SUV in everyday life for ten days. In … Read more

Hacker sells data of 48.5 million people who used corona app Shanghai – Computer – News

A hacker claims to have personal data of 48.5 million people who used Shanghai’s corona app. The data includes phone numbers and health information and is being offered for sale on a hacker forum for $4,000. Hacker XJP’s database contains names, phone numbers, national identification numbers and health records of 47 million people and is … Read more

Firmware-update: Asuswrt-Merlin 386.8 – Computer – Downloads

Asus uses a Tomato-derived firmware called Asuswrt for its routers, such as the RT-AC68 and RT-AX88. This firmware is, with the exception of a few drivers, open source, whereby the closed binaries are included. Asuswrt-Merlin, in turn, is a modified version of Asus’ original firmware. It includes bug fixes and minor improvements, but still tries … Read more

Security researcher finds critical vulnerabilities in Zoom for macOS – Computer – News

A security researcher has discovered two vulnerabilities in the video calling software update tool Zoom for macOS that allowed root access. After the company patched the vulnerabilities, the man discovered a new vulnerability. Security researcher Patrick Wardle shared his findings at the DefCon hacker event in Las Vegas. There he explained how the signature check … Read more

Why should your next computer be a computer! iPad will become Apple’s new “computer” product line |

This sounds a bit sloppy, but the very straightforward slogan is Apple’s definition of this new product after the release of the iPad Pro in 2020. However, for the iPad Pro, which claims to be a “computer”, the outside world just laughed it off. At that time, the iPad Pro, or the iPad product line, … Read more

Software-update: EZ CD Audio Converter 10.1.2 – Computer – Downloads

Short answer: Often yes. Long answer: There are definitely differences. CD is 16bit 44khz. Tidal’s HQ Mastered Lossless Audio Can everything are format-wise, possibly also higher bitrates (24 bit) and sample rates (up to 96khz). But it’s not just the encoding that differs – there may actually be a different master (source audio) used for … Read more