Fantastic Podmol won the stage of the Greek Rally! I feel like I’m in a computer game, laughing

Sensation! Libor Podmol continues to amaze the world of motorcycles. During his premiere rally in Greece, he won the sixth stage one second ahead of teammate Milan Engel. Before Saturday’s final act, a successful freestyle motocross rider holds an imaginary bronze medal, Engel is even silver. Macieka Giemza, a Pole, leads. “I am just happy. … Read more

Alleged specifications of GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080 are online – Computer – News

The specifications of two Nvidia RTX 3000 cards have been put online by VideoCardz. The site claims the details are from video card manufacturers. The RTX 3090 would get 24GB gddr6x and consume up to 350W. According to the information leaked from VideoCardz Nvidia will present three RTX 3000 cards next week: the RTX 3090, … Read more

FBI picks up suspect who wanted to hack Tesla using employee – Computer – News

The American FBI has arrested a Russian who is suspected of hacking car manufacturer Tesla. For this he tried to win over a Tesla employee, who was promised an amount of 1 million dollars. Musk confirms the hacking attempt on Twitter. Earlier this week the FBI shared the charges against the Russian. Since mid-July, he … Read more

MSI introduces power supplies ‘for the latest generation of Nvidia cards’ – Computer – News

Why? Seasonic hasn’t had a decent diet in the budget segment since the Haswell generation. Then the S12II Bronze and M12II Bronze series of 620W and 520W became obsolete due to the lack of support for the CPU’s new power states. There was still an M12II Bronze EVO, but that was just a fully modular … Read more

Nvidia confirms arrival of 12-pin connector for power supply of video cards – Computer – News

In a video about video card designs and possible improvements, Nvidia has confirmed the arrival of a 12-pin connector for powering video cards. The arrival of such a connector was already expected after Seasonic, among others, showed a 12-pin power cable. The video shows, among other things, a design drawing of a 12-pin power connector. … Read more

Logitech releases M190 wireless mouse for 15 euros – Computer – News

Logitech is releasing the M190 Full-Size Wireless Mouse for a suggested retail price of fifteen euros. It is a wireless mouse that, according to the manufacturer, is aimed at people with relatively large hands. Of Logitech M190 has a rounded finished design that would follow the natural shape of medium to large hands. The sensor … Read more

Microsoft provides Word with transcription functionality for English audio – Computer – News

The online version of Microsoft Word will have a transcription function that converts English audio into text. It is possible to upload and convert a previously recorded audio file, but speech can also be recorded directly from Word. Of transcriptiefunctie in Word can recognize different speakers, according to Microsoft, so that the text conversion also … Read more

Chromium function against DNS hijacking puts high load on root servers – Computer – News

A function in the Chromium browser causes problems with the root DNS servers by doing a large amount of queries. More than half of all DNS queries now originate from browsers based on Chromium, which, according to experts, causes problems. The problem is in the Intranet Redirect Detector. This function is used in the ‘omnibox’ … Read more