College of Engineering students adapt to non-face-to-face classes, but still lose concentration: Dong-A Science

Korean Academy of Engineering Survey Results An access control notice installed at the entrance of Seoul National University College of Engineering in February last year. Seoul National University began to gradually increase face-to-face classes from the 18th. Provided by Yonhap News As the phased recovery of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19, Corona 19) approaches, domestic … Read more

Fatal baptism in the Reuzegom circle: the death of Sanda Dia is due to too high a concentration of salt in the blood | Belgium

Hasselt Criminal Court heard witnesses on Tuesday afternoon in the trial relating to the baptism that claimed the life of Sanda Dia, a 20-year-old student from KU Leuven. Three experts came to detail their report in front of a packed courtroom. Four members of the Reuzegom student circle were also present, as were relatives of … Read more

High concentrations of oxygen revealed in the atmosphere of Mars – Science – Life

The space mission of United Arab Emirates (UAE) today published new images of Mars showing high concentrations of oxygen in their atmosphere. In a statement, the Emirati mission stated that “the observations contain completely unexpected characteristics that will have far-reaching consequences for our existing models of the Martian atmosphere and our understanding of its behavior.” … Read more

A former Nazi concentration guard on trial in Germany does not plead guilty

“I am innocent,” said Josef Schuetz, 100, accused of “knowingly and willingly” helping to kill prisoners in the Zachsenhausen camp in Oranienburg, north of Berlin, in 1942-1945. Asked about his work in the camp, he said he “knew nothing” about what was going on there and said he had done “absolutely nothing”. Among other things, … Read more

In Germany, a 100-year-old former concentration camp supervisor is brought to justice

A 100-year-old former security guard from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, who is accused of involvement in the killings of several thousand prisoners, was brought before a German court on Thursday. In the courtroom where the trial is taking place, the accused arrived in a wheelchair, covering his face with a folder of documents. The defendant … Read more

Holocaust. the warden of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp at the age of 100

The trial of the oldest defendant ever accused of Nazi crimes began today. The centennial Josef Schuetz presented himself walking leaning on a walker in front of the court of Brandenburg / Havel to answer for complicity in the murders of 3,518 prisoners perpetrated between 1942 and 1945 in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. The SS … Read more

Concentration camp workers are being tried for murder. At age 96, she tried to escape

A district court in Germany issued an arrest warrant for a 96-year-old woman on Thursday, who was due to stand trial on Thursday. She is accused of collaborating in thousands of murders in the Stutthof concentration camp, where she worked during World War II. Irmgard Furchner was arrested on Thursday after being arrested in the … Read more

Nazi grandmother Irmgard Furchner (96): secretary in concentration camp to the bitter end | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Elderly woman on the run caught Hamburg – On Thursday, a 96-year-old German lady fled in a taxi because of her Nazi past. But the Hamburg police feverishly searched for the woman, who had to appear in court in connection with work in a concentration camp. After several hours, … Read more

Coronavirus concentration in wastewater decreases

There is a slight decrease in the coronavirus concentration in the effluent, said the National Center for Public Health. At week 35, the concentration of coronavirus was low in most of the studied cities, it decreased in Budapest and Szeged, while it increased slightly in Szolnok. The measured concentrations in the common sample of Budapest … Read more

Rimkenzo brought a special tool to the battle of minds with Justinas Jankevičius: it is a weapon to strengthen concentration

The audience will finally return to the arcade this season. Last season, the team’s captains could only get help from the hall virtually, and now all those who think they know the right answers will boldly sit down for those playing behind their backs, the press release said. The first show of the season will … Read more