Inspectorate concerned about people avoiding benefits out of fear | NOW

Of the households that are entitled to benefits, an estimated one in ten does not claim it. That says the new Tax, Fees and Customs Inspectorate (IBTD), which is concerned about this. The regulator wants more to be done to ensure that they do apply for health care, rent or childcare benefits. This is especially … Read more

If they opt for a trade in shortage, the long-term unemployed will combine their salary and 25% of their allowance for 3 months: many sectors concerned

To compensate for the lack of personnel in the sectors in shortage and to motivate the candidates, a measure has been decided by the government. From September, a long-term unemployed person will be able to keep part of their allowance for 3 months if they are in a shortage job. Same thing, if he changes … Read more

A “monumental” error in the flood file: several million paid to municipalities not concerned!

A “infraction grave” and an “unacceptable method”for the Finance Inspectorate. A mega-dumpling is on the menu of the Council of Ministers this Friday. The federal government is reversing the monumental errors made when granting subsidies to municipalities following the floods of July 2021. We are talking about more than 3 million euros erroneously paid to … Read more

A “monumental” error in the flood file: several million paid to municipalities not concerned

Karine Lalieux reacts to the error made in the flood file: “A controversy based on false allegations of deception” Two daily newspapers revealed this Friday that more than 3 million euros had been wrongly paid to around fifty municipalities which had not been affected by the floods.

NATO chief: Turkey “legitimately concerned” about terrorism

Turkey has accused Finland and Sweden of supporting Kurdish militants and says it will not support the two Nordic countries joining NATO until they change their policies. Speaking at a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto, Stoltenberg emphasized that “no other NATO ally has experienced more terrorist attacks than Turkey,” and noted its … Read more

all Belgians may be concerned, beware of this reimbursement proposal!

Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 7:53 p.m. False text messages concerning the reimbursement of a traffic fine are circulating. Pay attention ! New false text messages are circulating concerning the reimbursement of a traffic fine. The message seems to come from the federal government but it is actually a scam, warns “Due … Read more

Health: The “diabetes all concerned” caravan returns to Guyana and Martinique

The Caravan “Diabetes all concerned” is a mobile and flexible operation, designed and implemented by the association Santé en Entreprise since 2011. The objective is to promote awareness and early detection of diabetes. The Health Caravan will be stationed for several days in Guyana and Martinique. At each stage, the system is deployed and the … Read more

the Academy of Medicine is concerned about the neurological consequences

THE ESSENTIAL The number of patients in intensive care due to Covid-19 has fallen below 1,000 in France, a first since the end of July 2021. Since March 2020, 148,230 people have died from Covid-19. In a press release, the National Academy of Medicine has just come out in favor of neurological and psychiatric monitoring … Read more

I’m concerned about monkey pox virus | statement of the week

Just over ten cases of monkeypox virus infection have been identified in the Netherlands. Photo: Robin Utrecht People who contract the monkeypox virus may experience fever, headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, chills and fatigue. After a few days, they also develop a rash. The smallpox virus mainly occurs in countries in West Africa and … Read more