Microsoft is cutting features from AI in the name of justice

Microsoft asks you to apply to use face recognition, which together with a number of restrictions on functionality will make the Azure Face API more ethical to use. Microsoft is writing a blog post that the changes are to ensure responsible and inclusive use. ZDNet writes that the changes took effect on June 21. New … Read more

There is a motor vehicle tax whitening in West Java, these are the benefits, complete with schedules and conditions

PRFMNEWS – Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) West Java (West Java) re-launch the program bleaching tax motor vehicle. Through the program bleaching tax motor vehicle From this, residents can get several advantages. The benefits that residents get in the program bleaching tax motor vehicle from the Provincial Government West Java these are as follows: Also Read: … Read more

Getting to know the Anatomy and 17 Breast Conditions When Affected by Disease

Breast anatomy. Be careful with disorders of the disease in the breast. – Breast is the tissue that lines the chest (pectoral) muscles. Women’s breasts are made of special tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast. The milk-producing parts of … Read more

Collision conditions traffic on IC28 in Ponte de Lima

A collision between two vehicles conditioned traffic on the IC28, in Ponte de Lima, in the middle of the afternoon of this Friday, causing a slight injury, a 51-year-old man. As far as it was possible to ascertain from the source involved in the rescue, the accident resulted in only one slightly injured person, who … Read more

Eni freezes the Plenitude IPO. “Deteriorated market conditions”

Listen to the audio version of the article Eni has decided to freeze the listing of Plenitude, the company branch specializing in renewable energy. The operation that should have taken place in July has been shelved for the moment due to market turbulence. The group led by Claudio Descalzi has announced its intention to postpone … Read more

Persija Jakarta can qualify for the quarter-finals of the 2022 President’s Cup, here are the scenarios and conditions

Persija can still qualify for the quarter-finals President’s Cup 2022This is the Scenario and the Conditions TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Persija Jakarta still has a chance to qualify for the quarter-finals President’s Cup 2022 although currently sinking at the bottom of Group B President’s Cup 2022. Best scenario for Persija qualify for the top eight President’s Cup … Read more

Tourists Record Video at Bromo Asked to Pay IDR 50,000, These are the Conditions – On Sunday (19/6/2022), a video circulated on social media showing tourists being asked to pay IDR 50,000 because he took videos of horse riders in the area. Mount Bromo. In the 27-second video, the uploader tells his experience when traveling to the Mount Bromo area. “If you go to Bromo, be careful, don’t … Read more

Miss Brazil 2018 dies at 27 in dramatic conditions after a trivial operation

Gleycy Correia, Miss Brazil 2018 died on Monday June 20, 2022. She had been in a coma for more than two months after an operation that went wrong. Monday, June 20, 2022, the family of Gleycy Correia, Miss Brazil 2018 announced the death of the young woman. 27 years old, she had been in a … Read more

Latest Conditions for Boarding Airplanes and Travel Rules for All Airlines, Valid for June 2022

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – The following are the latest flight requirements from several airlines from Indonesia: Garuda Indonesia until Lion Air. It is known that currently the government has relaxed some rule to the public due to the downward trend in Covid-19 cases. The requirements set have been adjusted to the policies of the government, based on the … Read more

New Flight Conditions Starting Today in All Airline Travel Rules

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID – Here Boarding Rules The latest applies from today in the travel rules of all airlines now there are different. The latest news for passenger Aircraft in all Airlines flight. Here are the candidate requirements passenger by plane Lion Air Group, Citilink Indonesian and Garuda Indonesia’s newest month of June 2022. The requirements set have … Read more