Elena Furiase confesses how she combines her work as an actress with the motherhood of little Noah

11/19/2020 Elena Furiase, in the presentation of her new film, “Vampus Horror Tales”. MADRID, 20 (CHANCE) Elena Furiase is going through a great professional moment. And it is that, in addition to recently premiering “Rosalinda” and working as a reporter in the new gastronomic program of TVE, “Como sapiens”, the actress has just presented her … Read more

Will Smith’s wife confesses to cheating – Radio Pumas

Jada Pinkett, Will Smith’s wife, revealed to the actor during his Red Tablet Talk program that the time they were apart, four years ago, she was unfaithful to rapper August Alsina, best friend of her eldest son Jaden. The young man, who is 21 years her junior, revealed his romance weeks ago in an interview … Read more

Trump’s special envoy confesses he hid the number of US troops in Syria

Jim Jeffrey claimed that the actual number of American soldiers in northeastern Syria is “much higher” than Trump agreed to preserve there in 2019. The United States special envoy for Syria, Jim Jeffrey, has confessed in an interview with Defense One that his team deliberately concealed from his superiors and President Donald Trump the number … Read more

William Levy CONFESSES that before being an ACTOR he was ALBAIL; HOW MUCH WAS I EARNING?

William Levy He told one of his most important secrets of his entire life, already with several years of career on his shoulders, and that you surely did not know. The Cuban actor explained that in his early days, before becoming an actor, he worked with his uncle in the construction branch since his time … Read more

Does Diego Méntrida always play fair? He confesses in ‘I never’

In the November magazine we talked about ‘fair play‘ with Diego Méntrida and all these contents Diego Méntrida It has become a world benchmark for sportsmanship and fair play. His gesture allowing a rival who had made a mistake running a triathlon in Santander to pass has gone around the world and has come to … Read more

Ecuadorian talent scout at Universal Music Latino: Aldo González confesses that Guayaquil is a thermometer for discovering new hits | People | Entertainment

40 under 40 is one of the lists managed by the prestigious magazine Billboard to recognize personalities who work in the music industry and have been successful. This year and for the first time an Ecuadorian appears on the list of important young executives in this field. Aldo Gonzalez It is the name of who … Read more

Jaden Smith confesses to feeling more comfortable with his mother than with Will

To speak of Jaden Smith is to relate him directly to his father Will Smith because both have worked together in the world of cinema; In fact, his debut catapulted him directly to fame when he participated with his father in the film “In search of happiness” (2006) and at only eight years of age … Read more

Very difficult! Will Smith confesses his most heartbreaking moment – TBC USA

Specifically, the “heartbreaking” experience Smith experienced was during his time on the sets of Pursuit of Happyness. The 2006 blockbuster was a true-life drama and featured the life of a father who took an internship at a securities brokerage firm, all to give his son better opportunities. Will Smith 3.jpg The hardest part of it … Read more

Can not be! Will Smith’s son does not live like a normal human being and confesses wanting to disappear

Jaden Smith, actor’s son Will Smith Y Jada Pinkett Smith, has made strong statements about her emotional intimacy and what she would like to do with her life in the years to come. The 22-year-old was uncovered on the talk show “Red Tablet Talk“, Which his mother presents through Facebook Watch. Actor and rapper dared … Read more

“I idolized her”: Mitzy confesses everything that Alfredo Palacios could not say to Verónica Castro

MEXICO -. Veronica Castro She is one of the most recognized actresses in the entire Aztec country, her impeccable career has shown what it means to be an artist. After his long career, he has surrounded himself with other greats in the world of entertainment, among those, who became one of his best friends, it … Read more