Hot confessions of an Egyptian actress..The leader ignited my madness and I slept with him more than my husband and got divorced because of a hot scene! (exciting details)

Riyadh – Mohamed Al-Atlassi – was able to place itself among the stars of art in Egypt, without prejudice to the presentation of bold seduction scenes in a number of its films. Many rumors followed her, including her son boycotting her, because of her bold actions, through her roles and clothes in those works. Noha, … Read more

Even though he was only 12 years old, he could not cry at his mother’s funeral: Prince Harry reveals shocking confessions in his book

More than a year ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stirred up the showbiz waters after they gave a candid interview to host Oprah Winfrey about life in the royal family. In a few weeks, the world is in for a similar shock – at the beginning of January, Prince Harry’s first autobiographical book, … Read more

Edith González’s widower makes important confessions about the actress and her daughter Constanza

EFE Wide Videos Eighty years after the landing of the United States in Africa that escaped Nazi radar Casablanca (Morocco), Nov 8 (EFE).- Eighty years ago, 202 US ships crossed the Atlantic to the Moroccan coast of Casablanca without being intercepted by the Nazis. It was the successful Operation Torch, which marked the beginning of … Read more

I could not prevent him from completing the scene because he ignited my instincts, so I asked him not to stop!!…Fiery confessions made by a famous actress about her banned movie!!

2022/10/29 It’s 07:00 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite One of the most prominent films that was shown in the seventies and had a wide echo, but that echo quickly turned into a calamity befalling the head of the great artist Suhair Ramzy because of the bold scenes contained in the film, in which she … Read more

Crazy confessions of the most famous artist: I sleep with my husband 10 times a day and I am not satisfied and I want will be very surprised when you know who you are!

2022/10/27 It’s 10:45 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite In exciting confessions, according to Arab and foreign news sites, a famous actress said that she had sex with her husband 10 times a day, in search of pregnancy and childbirth. The Brazilian actress, Deborah Secco, added that she used to spend most of the time … Read more

Without an iota of shame, my husband does shocking things to me that no one expects in the bedroom… Bold confessions of an extremely beautiful twenty-year-old bride on the wedding night!

2022/10/27 It’s 09:45 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite After marriage, the masks of illusion, beauty, and honesty worn by many who are looking for a perfect half to hide their shortcomings and hide their humiliation, will turn life into an unbearable hell after these masks have melted and vanished. Reham is the story of … Read more

“Two killed and the third is fighting death” .. shocking confessions of the Egyptian, the perpetrator of the massacre of his colleagues in Kuwait

The Egyptian young man, residing in Kuwait, who committed the massacre of his co-workers, made new shocking statements about the circumstances of the killing of two Syrian workers with a shawarma knife, while the third was suffering death from severe stabbing injuries. And Al-Majlis newspaper published in a post on Twitter, Thursday, the new confession … Read more

Watch .. fiery confessions by the star Menna Shalaby .. and reveal the most powerful scene of her cohabitation with Khadesh, and she cannot control herself and made him stop in this movie.

You are now following the news of the fiery confessions of the star Menna Shalaby.. She reveals the most powerful scene of her intimate relationship with her, and she cannot control herself and made him stop in this movie. And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – 10/14/2022 It’s 09:08 PM | … Read more

“He put his hands in front of his face to protect himself, and I fired a second time”: the chilling confessions of Alfredo Scuvera, the man who shot two drug addicts who owed him money, to Jumet and Courcelles

Questioned by President Van der Linden, Scuvera expresses himself bluntly. He explains his childhood: absenteeism at school, arguments with other students, lack of motivation for studies. At home, family life is dominated by paternal violence: “My father had installed his mistress at home. My mother was furious but he was in charge. For a year, … Read more

Park Seong-kwang ♥ Lee Sol’s 3rd year marriage Confessions of a new wife… It will become stronger TEN

Park Seong-gwang’s wife, Lee Sol-yi, showed off her delicate body. Recently, Sol-yi Lee posted on her Instagram, “I’m half worried about the coming October, half excited..I cannot be completely free from what I experienced, but I am happy and grateful enough. It’s going to be tougher for me. Fighting ✊🏻” along with a picture. In … Read more