US Ready to Transfer Confiscated Russian Assets to Ukraine

loading… Head of the US Department of Justice’s Special Sanctions Task Force, Andrew Adams. Photos/Russia Today WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) will be sending out the first wave of funds from properties soon Russia confiscated to Ukraine . This was stated by the head of the US Department of Justice’s special sanctions task … Read more

Over 2,000 Russian weapons confiscated by US troops on Iranian ships

Wednesday, 11 January 2023 – 15:36 WIB VIVA – Thrilling action performed by three warships of the Navy’s 5th Fleet United States of America (5th Fleet US Navy), while pursuing and capturing fishing vessels flagged by the Islamic Republic Iran in the Gulf of Oman, Tuesday 10 January 2023. Reported VIVA Military from American Military … Read more

Woman Found Dead Naked in Boarding Room, 4 Used Condoms Confiscated

Tuesday, 3 January 2023 – 07:58 WIB VIVA Kriminal – Police are still pursuing the perpetrator murder a woman named Aluna Sagita alias AS at Griya Tambora Jalan Tukad Batanghari I No. 1, Panjer, Denpasar on Saturday, December 31, 2022. Denpasar Police Chief Kombespol Bambang Yugo Pamungkas through the South Denpasar Police Chief Commissioner I … Read more

The car of the Romanian government delegation was confiscated at the border. It was stolen in Italy

The seized car was driven by the head of the digitization office, who was in the delegation of Romanian Minister Sebastian-Ioan Burduji. He is in charge of research, innovation and digitization in the Romanian government. “The border police detained the car on the order of Interpol. After learning that the Italian authorities were looking for … Read more

14 criminal proceedings have been initiated for driving under the influence of at least 1.5 ppm, cars were confiscated in half of the cases / Article

Yesterday, 18:48 Authors: David Freudenfeld (Journalist) Two drivers in Latgale were stopped already on the first night since the criminal responsibility for driving under the influence came into force. By Tuesday morning, a total of 14 drivers were stopped with a blood alcohol concentration of more than 1.5 per thousand. Most of them were in … Read more

Police Reveal Drivers Like This Will Manually Ticketed Until Their Vehicles Are Confiscated

Tuesday, 29 November 2022 – 05:40 WIB LIVE Subway – It is omitted ticket manually claimed the police led to rampant action of removing license plates by some driver. Not only that, number plate counterfeiting is also rife. “The phenomenon that occurs in the community is they take off the license plate, fake the number … Read more

Fifa says rainbow colours now allowed in Qatar after flags confiscated

A Germany fan wears the rainbow colours on their wrist in Doha (EPA) World Cup federations have been told by Fifa that the rainbow flag will “not be prohibited” at stadiums for the next round of games, and that Qatar have now given the governing body assurances on the issue after a series of incidents … Read more

Railway workers ask for compensation for wagons confiscated in Ukraine and Finland

The Union of Railway Transport Operators (SOZHT) suggested that the Ministry of Transport prepare a draft resolution to compensate rolling stock operators for losses due to the retention of part of their freight car fleet in Ukraine and Finland. This was told to Vedomosti by a source in one of the operator companies and confirmed … Read more

Excommunicated because he was branded a gambler, property was confiscated by the state

Jakarta – For trader Binomial lamented fate after the panel of judges declared that the assets in the case of Indra Kesuma alias Indra Kenz were confiscated for the state. para trader Binomo also complained that he was being ostracized by the community because he was labeled a gambler. “Imagine, on social media I am … Read more