Confront the Devil with Forbidden Power, Jin Goddess Reincarnation 5 New Video Released

▲ Jin Goddess Reincarnation 5 2nd PV (Photo provided by Sega Publishing Korea) On the 15th, Sega Publishing Korea released the second PV of the Korean version of Jin Goddess Reincarnation 5, which is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo Switch. This video focuses on the story of Jin Goddess Reincarnation 5. It contains … Read more

Conspiracy theory and call the police to confront the theft.. Reactions to the England-Denmark match

Sad about the experience of Denmark.. There is no talk on social media except about the Euro 2020 semi-final between England and Denmark, and the excitement and fun that it witnessed, which ended with the English reaching the final to face Italy. A lot of controversy arose about the validity of the penalty awarded to … Read more

Corona virus: Why are some in Egypt negligent with precautionary measures to confront Covid-19?

Image source AFP Many wonder why some citizens in Egypt are negligent in dealing with the Corona virus, despite repeated pleas by the Ministry of Health to adhere to preventive measures to protect against infection. From the point of view of some, this may be attributed to the decline in the number of HIV infections … Read more

Health: Egyptians should take all preventive measures during Eid al-Adha to confront Corona

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah, Head of the Central Department for Preventive Affairs at the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the number of cases of Corona virus during the current period in Egypt is witnessing a marked decrease from the previous periods, besides that the numbers of deaths from the emerging virus are also witnessing a significant … Read more

5 This Weapon Will Make It Difficult for Taiwan if China-Taiwan Directly Confront Page all

BEIJING, – For a very long time, weaponry Taiwan superior to above China. So that China will think repeatedly if it will attack Taiwan. But now, China has developed so many sophisticated weapons. Over the past 10 years, China’s weapons have become more sophisticated and more deadly. The increase in China’s weapons capability has … Read more