the participant who confronted the jurors and caused them to leave the study

Telefe Press At age eight, the parents of Antonella Dominguez They wrote it down in a music school: “I was ashamed, but when it came to singing I was transformed.” Thus began a journey that ended on Monday in The Argentine Voice. “I went to church from a very young age and sang in Christian … Read more

EEG: Pancho Rodríguez was confronted for saying that being in the warriors is easier

The statements of Pancho Rodríguez for You are in all took their toll on EEG Photo and video: América TV Pancho rodriguez He declared over the weekend that being part of the warriors is easier and his words “took their toll” on the recent broadcast of Esto es guerra (EEG). “I said it because here … Read more

Albert II of Monaco is again confronted with a rumor of an illegitimate child

Charlene of Monaco claims for her part to have to stay in South Africa because of an ENT infection. It has been three months since Charlene of Monaco, the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco, has not returned to the palace. The Princess of Monaco had left the rock to travel to South Africa … Read more

Jessica Simpson Reveals Why She Confronted the Woman Who Abused Her as a Child

Jessica Simpson did not want to leave her abuse unspoken anymore. At the start of this year, the songstress and fashion mogul spoke out for the first time publicly in her memoir, Open Book, about the sexual abuse she suffered as child from a girl considered a family friend. However, years before she shared her story … Read more

Scandal in Telefe: Santi Maratea participated in The fair price and you smoked marijuana in the bathroom of the channel

What appeared to be a fun show more The fair pricethe program that leads Lizy Tagliani by Telefeit became a real scandal after one of his guests would talk about with your attitude. It is Santi Marateathe famous influencer, such as disclosed in Confronted: “Scandal total in the program of Lizy Tagliani. A guest had … Read more

The radical change of ShowMatch on his back in full pandemic: it “Starts with the comedians of historic

The coronavirus came to change everything and the programs had to be transformed. Delayed from a few months ago ShowMatch still waiting to debut with its season 2020 and in Confronted confirmed that the return will be with the sense of humor. Marcelo Polino, who was taking a mobile with the program, the conference endorsed … Read more