I can’t laugh. Som Cheng fights. Teng. The children are confused. Throw in 5 hundred thousand. Let’s raise a new face in Korea.

Can’t laugh! Som Cheng said that he was born never quarreling. Teng, Teng, his brother, told his children they were upset – they were offended, throwing five hundred thousand, raising a new face in Korea in full stream. Follow the news, press follow, live news Before, there was a drama between the famous comedy brothers. … Read more

Many Are Confused, It Turns Out That This is the Purpose of Porting Polish on Motorcycle Machines

Porting polish can simply be interpreted by enlarging and smoothing the ported holes in the cylinder head Gridoto.com – It turns out that at this time there are still many who are confused about what the purpose is porting polish on the engine. The main purpose of porting polish on their own motorbikes is that … Read more

Confused Doctor Finds 233 Coins, Batteries and Screws in Man’s Stomach

loading… Doctors in Turkey are bewildered to find hundreds of coins, batteries and screws in a man’s stomach. Photo/Metro.co.uk ANKARA – Doctors in a hospital are confused after finding hundreds of coin , nails, batteries and broken glass inside a man’s stomach. This shocking incident happened in a town in Turki . Burhan Demir – … Read more

Netizens are intense! After ‘My Mate Nate’ posted a couple dancing clip, ‘Eva’ even asked if it was still your IG. There are only mice – confused.

Netizens are intense! After ‘My Mate Nate’ posted a couple dancing clip, ‘Eva’ even asked if it was still your IG. There are only mice – confused. causing netizens and fans to stare at the back My Mate Nate famous young youtuber At this time to work with Ava Pavorawan Ten-billion-dollar actress until a strong … Read more

Diana Haddad’s picture in front of the Kaaba confuses her fans.. Learn about her conversion to Islam

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pioneers of social media circulated a picture of the artist, Diana Haddad, in front of the Kaaba, while performing the Umrah rituals. The photo puzzled many followers of the truth of the photo, as Diana was famous for being a follower of the Christian religion, because her full name is Diana Joseph … Read more

IQ test: 98 percent of people confused, only allowed to move 1 match to rotate the donkey shape

PR TASKMALAYA – Solve the puzzle your IQ this time can show that you are someone who intelligent. Besides that, your IQ It’s also a fun game to spend free time in a useful way. Notice the range of matches on your IQ above, can you turn the donkey by simply moving one matchstick? Quoted … Read more

Scientists Confused For 120 Years How Plesiosaurs Swim – All Pages

Roger Harris / Getty Images Artist’s impression of a Plesiosaur. Nationalgeographic.co.id – For more than 120 years the world’s scientists have been confused about how the Plesisaurus swam. Its body shape with four wing-like fins has made it unusual and unique when it comes to swimming underwater. A new study from the University of Bonn … Read more

The dumpling of the British royal family: Queen Elizabeth II confused with Princess Elisabeth of Belgium

England, which celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, has been buzzing for two days. On the occasion of the 70 years of reign of the sovereign, the Twitter account of the British royal family shared a video tribute to the queen, who has been “at the center of our culture for 70 years” … Read more

Ukraine confused Peskov. What is he dissatisfied with?

The Ukrainian leadership is constantly making contradictory statements that do not allow Moscow to fully understand what the Ukrainian side wants and whether it is ready to understand the real situation. This was stated by the spokesman of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS. He commented on statements by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky … Read more