You connect the car – but almost impossible to know what it costs

As electric cars take over more and more of new car sales, the pressure on all the country’s charging stations is also increasing. One thing is that you risk experiencing queues and waiting time. Many also react to how confusing this is in relation to prices. Here there is simply a small jungle of different … Read more

Nintendo Switch can finally connect to Bluetooth headsets

Nintendo In the latest 13.0.0 version update, Switch can finally natively support the connection of Bluetooth headsets or speakers. Nintendo in Twitter It was announced on the previous page that after the update, a Bluetooth audio option will be added to the Switch system settings, and a status icon will also be added to let … Read more

For greater productivity.. Connect your computer and smartphone

Millions of users depend on the PC for their daily work. This is in light of their need to use the smartphone for some other work-related operations. They usually have trouble connecting the two devices seamlessly. Especially when it comes to responding to notifications or transferring files. Most PCs come with a Windows operating system, … Read more

The reindeer observatory and the underwater restaurant gently connect architecture with nature – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Arctic Nordic Alpine exhibition at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery until 13 October presents the work of the world-famous Snøhett studio. The Norwegian architectural office made a name for itself at the 9/11 Memorial Visitor Center in New York or the Oslo Opera House. However, the exhibition selects inspiring realizations in which Snøhetta shows how … Read more

This is what we can expect after the launch of Far Cry 6

10/9/21 23:40 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 reacties Once upon a time, a game was ready that was on store shelves. But thanks to the internet, that hasn’t been the case for years. Now every triple A release must have a roadmap for content that will be developed after its … Read more

Pursuing Trans Sumatra Toll Road Target, Hope to Connect Lampung-Aceh in 2024

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Development Trans Sumatra Toll Road continues to be carried out by PT Hutama Karya (Persero) as a contractor. The work is speeding up because President Jokowi once promised a 2,000-kilometer toll road that would connect from Lampung to Aceh by 2024. But in order to realize this plan, Hutama Karya the last … Read more

“Polar War Howl 3” Receipt Limit Exemption Issues? The official recommendation is to use Ubisoft Connect | 4Gamers

To celebrate the coming of “Polar War Howling 6”, Ubisoft generously released the “Far Cry 3” Standard Edition (Far Cry 3) for a limited time free of charge, but after yesterday’s announcement, many players were unable to receive the game smoothly. The problem can be solved through Ubisoft Connect. Normally, just log in to Ubisoft … Read more

Monster Hunter Stories 2 “Update 3” will be released on September 2nd • Nintendo Connect

Capcom will periodically add additional free updates Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin added. On September 2nd you can join Version 1.3.0 your enemies with the chilled new monsties Karmaseher-Mizutsune, Icicle gammoth and Oroshi Kirin wash away, as Capcom mentions in the video description for the update. Important extensions / changes Additional monsters [2. … Read more

iPhone 13 may connect to satellite: “only for emergency messages”

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the iPhone 13 will support satellite communications. That would be a first for a consumer smartphone. Although the news was soon nuanced by analyst Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. The reliable Apple analyst often leaks new features just before the release of a new Apple device. With the arrival of … Read more