Expressing meaning with form and connecting branches——Modern Chinese character design integrated with traditional ink

Author: Wang Rui (Professor of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications Branch Center, Chongqing Research Center for Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics) Traditional ink painting and Chinese characters are in harmony. In modern Chinese character design, refining and using the unique cultural nourishment of ink art has become an important source of inspiration. … Read more

AFL Taksaorn hurry up and brake! Couple ring knot Tim Pita asks netizens to stop connecting considerate the other party

After the 30th Prime Minister “Pita Limjaroenrat” or “Tim Pita” and female protagonist “Aff Taksaorn” There are pictures together in frames. Social media also grabbed Jin non-stop. Most recently, it was focused that both of them were wearing the same ring on the right ring finger. This work, so people wonder if it’s a couple … Read more

New magazine ‘Coconuts’ champions mental well-being: “Making psychological vulnerability a subject of discussion and connecting people” | Louvain

Coconuts is a brand new initiative, a creative place and editorial office in Leuven for young adults with a psychotic vulnerability. With the launch of its own magazine, for which currently a crowdfunding is running, the collective wants to make the theme negotiable and connect people with each other, both professionally and personally. “Idiosyncratic reports, … Read more

She allegedly rejected millions from investors in the US, now Twigsee is connecting with the Bachelors

It took eight and a half hours of pure time, during which Vanda Seidel had to sign the contracts exactly 347 times. But it worked. After months of negotiations, the founder of the startup Twigsee, which digitizes the administration in kindergartens and their communication with the parents of children, joined forces with the company Bakaláři, … Read more

Connecting with Nature Improves Overall Health, and Science Says It

A study recently showed that the prescription of nature, by a doctor, could improve the physical and mental health of patients. If France has not yet implemented it, Canada or even Australia have already begun to prescribe nature cures to improve the mental and physical health of their patients. A greening that would seem to … Read more

“It’s about connecting, experimenting and inspiring”

Thomas Lambert, Gilles Den Haese and Ann Claes (©Jonathan Ramael) In June 2022, the WEB32 networking event brought professionals and those interested in web3 together for the first time in the Waagnatie in Antwerp. Due to the great interest and the positive reactions, a second edition of the ‘inspiring deep dive into web3, NFT’s and … Read more

Connecting photovoltaics to the grid is getting complicated, the distributor has even released a map of connectivity

According to data from the Association of Accumulation and Photovoltaics (CAFT), energy companies connected more than 240 megawatts (MW) of new photovoltaics last year, which is almost four times more year-on-year. Even over 300 MW of new photovoltaics were built, but not yet connected to the grid. This year, the number should increase significantly again, … Read more

Take a Peek at the Beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the Bridge Connecting Earth and Heaven

STRATEGI.ID – The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is one of the most spectacular and mysterious natural phenomena in the world. The dazzling light of the Aurora Borealis and the colors seen in the night sky are the result of the interaction between the constantly moving solar wind and the magnetic field near the Earth’s … Read more

Julid Netizens Call Magical Products, Esemka Boss: Stop Connecting with Jokowi!

Jakarta, – The 2023 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) always attracts public attention, including in cyberspace, one of the things highlighted by netizens at the celebration is the presence of Esemka. The reason is that there are netizens who make videos comparing Esemka’s car with a couple, who are both said to be magical. … Read more