Elections, the poll. De Luca in Campania at 50.4%: ahead of Caldoro by 21 points. The League collapses to 3%

The regional elections and the constitutional referendum of 20 and 21 September take on particular relevance for the possible political repercussions at the national level in a very delicate phase of the life of the country. However, unlike in the past, when local elections were considered a sort of ordeal, a national test to measure … Read more

Servel hurries the stride 66 days before the October plebiscite

Just over two months before the plebiscite, the Electoral Service (Servel) is working at full speed. They are used to the stress of an electoral period, but now they face new hurdles. After Congress passed into law the bill that gives it new powers to organize a safe plebiscite, the countdown began to deliver the … Read more