Asian factories are cutting production due to supply constraints and weaker demand

Asian factories in July again reported declining activity due to prolonged supply chain complications and sluggish world economy. According to S&P Global, it suffered the hardest blow South Korea and Taiwan purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs). South Korea’s July PMI fell to 49.8 from 51.3 in June, the lowest reading since 2020. September New orders fell … Read more

THE BALL – In the midst of many constraints, the draw was held for the La Liga calendar (Spain)

This Thursday, the draw for the 2022/23 edition of La Liga took place. A ceremony that was marked by the many constraints imposed by the competition’s own organization and by the clubs. For security reasons, La Liga has determined that two clubs from the same city cannot play at home at the same time and … Read more

Continue to communicate with Kak Seto, PSS Ensures No Financial Constraints Next Season – KRJOGJA

SLEMAN, – PSS Sleman is seriously preparing for Liga 1 next season. Super Elja does not want to fall into and almost be relegated as experienced throughout the 2021-2022 season. PSS President Director, Andy Wardhana Putra, said that currently his party is continuing to establish internal communication to strengthen managerial. According to Andy, financially … Read more

Zero ODOL Policy, Wonogiri Truck Driver: Constraints on Consumers, Wonogiri—Discourse zero over dimension over load (ODOL) has been heard by a number of truck drivers in Wonogiri. They do not question zero ODOL that. For them, it is actually addressed to consumers. PromotionEffective Drones for Power Transmission Line Vegetation Management “Yes, there has been socialization about the plan [zero ODOL] And as truck … Read more

Superbonus, fewer constraints but fraud alert. The wiretapping: “The state is crazy, it wants to be fooled”

The Super bonus 110% should have given a boost to the construction sites, it should have restarted the economy and, instead, it has become a big problem for the manufacturing world, which now protests for the blocking of the construction sites themselves, and also for the judiciary that every day he discovers millionaire scams with … Read more

In Brussels, protests against the constraints of COVID-19 caused great damage to the city

According to journalists in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, when the police managed to evict the rallies from the 50th anniversary park of Belgian independence near the headquarters of the European Union’s institutions, the area was reminiscent of a “battlefield”: many pillars shards of glass for headquarters and restaurants. According to La Libre Belgique, a … Read more

Germany, Scholz and Länder agree on mandatory vaccination for all. The minister works to circumvent privacy constraints: “In the Chamber perhaps in February”

“Omicron will keep us busy for a long time and we cannot declare the alarm finished for our health system, ”says the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: infections will rise again, he warns, and “a fresh vaccination offers, as always, the best defense”. Pointing out that all preparations allowed in Germany are valid and that for … Read more

The improvement in the epidemiological situation has come to a halt: one crucial indicator for assessing possible new constraints

“It simply came to our notice then. What we see as that stop is due to a higher increase in morbidity again among children, especially in the 10-19 age group, the epidemiologist told BNS. “The children went back to school and the morbidity started to rise again.” According to the Department of Statistics, the rate … Read more

Preventive imprisonment of a carabinera for illegitimate constraints on 18-O

The Prosecutor’s Office accused the uniformed officer of attacking and psychologically damaging people detained during the social outbreak, who were “forced to sing the institutional and national anthem, mediating threats and insults.” The Court of Appeals of La Serena ordered the preventive prison of a Carabineros second lieutenant charged with illegitimate constraints occurred during demonstrations … Read more

Medical Constraints, NASA Again Delays SpaceX Rocket Launch

IDXChannel – NASA re-announcing the postponement rocket launch SpaceX to the International Space Station. This time, the launch of SpaceX’s fourth crew aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft had to be postponed again, this time due to medical issues. NASA said the medical issue in question was not a medical emergency and was not related to … Read more