Discovered the fastest growing black hole and it is rapidly consuming the universe

Ads Scientists claim they’ve found a black hole so big our entire solar system could fit behind its event horizon. And worryingly, the black hole is taking up Earth-sized bites of the universe, according to experts at the Australian National University. Lead researcher Dr. Christopher Onken said the discovery was like finding a “very big, … Read more

Amazing, just by consuming these 5 fruits is guaranteed to be effective in lowering cholesterol naturally and quickly

LOMBOK NEWS – Everyone definitely wants a healthy and fit body so as not to interfere with daily activities, to keep the body healthy and fit there is only one thing that needs to be done, namely by maintaining food intake and diligently exercising. There are so many diseases that will attack our body if … Read more

Take Care of Liver Health by Consuming These 7 Foods

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 – 05:58 WIB Carrot illustration. Photo : Ricardo/, JAKARTA – HEART is an important organ for humans. For that, of course, we all must maintain a healthy heart. The liver detoxifies and helps in protein synthesis, metabolism, and the production of chemicals needed for the digestive process. The liver also … Read more

Dangers of Consuming Undercooked Meat

Jakarta, – The danger of consuming undercooked meat does not only have an effect on digestion. A study found that eating undercooked meat can trigger toxoplasmosis in the eyes. The study, published in the journal Retina Ophthalmology, analyzed more than five thousand retinal photographs of people living in Busselton, Western Australia. Three ophthalmologists including … Read more

Consuming water like this causes cancer! Don’t even put it in your mouth…

“The main material of pet bottles is plastic, and the raw material is bisphenol a. This chemical substance, called bisphenol a, contained in pet bottles is an extremely harmful poison for the body and its transition from pet to liquid is very rapid in heat. It is difficult to release this poison from plastic to … Read more

Impact of Consuming Sweetened Foods and Drinks for Health

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Internal Medicine Specialist Rudy Kurniawan said that more and more young people are now exposed to it food and Drink sweetened. That’s why, it’s not surprising that young people in their 20s have diabetes. “In the past, diabetes was considered a disease of the elderly, now there is no age at all,” … Read more

Food that rots brain cells! We are constantly consuming without knowing it… – Gallery

Our eating habits directly affect our brain and health. While many foods that we consume in daily life increase cognitive power, some foods almost rot the brain. Cognitive problems, which occur with symptoms such as memory problems, dizziness and weakness, bring serious health problems when neglected. So, which foods rot the brain? Here are the … Read more

We get a 10% subsidy of fuel prices when consuming a large volume

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jazeera Airways, Marwan Boodai, said that the company has increased ticket prices by no more than 10%, explaining that any movement in fuel prices is directly reflected on the consumer. In an interview with “Al Arabiya” on the sidelines of his participation in the World Economic Forum … Read more

Overcome Gout Naturally by Consuming These Foods Said dr. Ema Surya Pertiwi

MAPAY BANDUNG – Gout is a disease that is often suffered by many people. According to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwiif the body is excess goutit will cause certain symptoms. There are also many ways that can be done to overcome the disease gout and various symptoms. According to dr. Ema Surya Pertiwione way that can … Read more