contagions and deaths, slight upsurge. Incidence worsens in 16 regions – Libero Quotidiano

The epidemiological situation in Italy continues to be under control, despite the apprehension of recent days about what is happening in the United Kingdom and the spread of a new variant, the so-called Delta plus. The bulletin today, Friday 22 October, issued by the Ministry of Health gives an account of 3,882 infected, 3,861 recovered … Read more

contagions splash, the extreme decision of Joe Biden – Libero Quotidiano

The Delta variant coronavirus now keeps the whole world in check. The most dramatic news comes from Southeast Asia, with Indonesia a new global outbreak with over a thousand deaths every day. Infections are rising almost everywhere, with the exception of the United Kingdom which, after the peak of the last few weeks and the … Read more

DJ Boris Brejcha hospitalized after concert in Naucalpan, young people who attended the event report infections

NAUCALPAN, State of Mexico “Unfortunately, it has been about 15 days since my daughter began to feel the symptoms, the truth is I could not tell her how it was because she did not attend the party,” said Luz María, mother of a young woman infected. Hospitalization for covid-19 infections in the State of Mexico … Read more

Coronavirus: Rosario registered the maximum peak of infections with 217 cases; the province with 382

With 217 new cases, Rosario added the maximum peak of coronavirus infections to date, surpassing the previous record by more than 60 infected. The province of Santa Fe reported 382 cases, which is also the highest number since the start of the pandemic. With these records, those infected in the city since the beginning of … Read more

In Cartagena: Mayor William Dau talks about test flights Cartagena-Bogotá – Other Cities – Colombia

Despite the fact that the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, gave the nod to Cartagena and Barranquilla, which would be the first cities to connect by air with Bogotá, the mayor of the Heroic City demands that first the capital of the country lower the figures of the pandemic. “It would only be done once … Read more

Coronavirus news August 10: how many cases of covid-19 are there around the world – Health

The number of people with confirmed covid-19 infections worldwide exceeded 20 million this Monday, according to The Johns Hopkins University Independent Count (USA), which also reports 733,897 deaths from the virus to date. (We recommend: Harvard doctor’s idea to stop coronavirus in weeks) Specifically, the confirmed cases are, until 00.00 on Tuesday GMT, 20.001.019. The … Read more

Coronavirus, in Greece, contagions on the rise: mandatory masks in all indoor public places

The case of Greece is certainly one of the most virtuous in Europe. Seeing what was happening to Italy, the country has immediately implemented spacing measures so as to block the arrival of the pandemic in the bud. Thanks above all to vision of the infectious disease specialist Soritis Tsiodrastherefore avoided the health emergency. Summer … Read more

Coronavirus, the new bulletin in Campania: contagions surge

Coronavirus, the new bulletin in Campania News phase 3 – Coronavirus in Campania, here is the new medical bulletin. Vincenzo De Luca offers it directly through his social channels. This is today’s bulletin: Positives of the day: 21 Swabs of the day: 2,434 Total positives: 4,901 Total swabs: 322,294 ? Dead of the day: 0 … Read more