Orange, CD Projekt, Orlen Alior, the falls in the share prices of these companies are contingent on funds

2021-01-27 17:23 publication2021-01-27 17:23 share Foot. thetaXstock / thetaXstock Recent days have brought a large increase in interest in the subject of short positions. We check the price declines of which companies from the WSE are covered by funds. Short selling stocks allows you to profit from declines in company valuation. In order to benefit … Read more

Turkish Defense Minister visits Turkish contingent in Libya

Istanbul, Dec 26 (EFE) .- Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar traveled to Libya this Saturday for high-level meetings and to visit the Turkish military contingent stationed in the African country since January, in support of the Executive from Tripoli. According to the Turkish Anadolu agency, Akar boarded a plane in Ankara along with the Turkish … Read more

Turkish contingent will stay for one year at the Joint Center in Azerbaijan

The Ministry of National Defense announced that “the Turkish soldiers will carry out the mission for a year in the Joint Center to establish themselves with Russia and in the activities that it will carry out” in reference to the resolution that authorizes the sending of Turkish troops to Azerbaijan. “The Turkish Armed Forces will … Read more


Share Pin Tweet Send Share Send Buying a home is a give and take. But there is more than just giving money and taking the keys. The contract process involves a number of contingent liabilities and disclosures. Let’s sum it up. Contingent liabilities are “walk-away” clauses in a contract that allow you to withdraw from … Read more

Important police contingent in Plaza Baquedano and Transportes anticipates closure of bus operations

This Saturday afternoon, there have been some isolated incidents in the Plaza Baquedano sector, which leave a balance of 12 detainees until 6.30 p.m. The events are recorded one day before the one year anniversary of the start of the so-called Social Outbreak on October 18. Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of the Interior and National Director … Read more