Israel Is Getting Out of Control, the US, Qatar, Until Egypt Begins to Move

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE – President United States of America (USA) Joe Biden shows strong support for the attack Israel in Gaza, in retaliation for a missile attack Hamas. However, he also raised concerns about civilian casualties and the protection of journalists at the Prime Minister’s call. Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. On Saturday, May 15, … Read more

They are clueless and Putin is losing control, the diplomat assesses Russia’s hostile actions

The Russian government approved a list of hostile countries, including only the Czechia and the United States. At the same time, it has set a maximum number of people in Russia who can work for these countries. In the case of the Czech Republic, there are 19 people, while no one is allowed to work … Read more

Society has become unable to breathe

Go upstairs Emphasizing that with the delay in vaccination, social immunity is also delayed. Dr. The witness said, “By portraying the responsibility of being protected from the disease as if it belongs to the citizen, it sheds its responsibility of power.” İsmail ARI While entering the last day of the restriction, the number of tests … Read more

The media wrote critically about the party leader. The authorities have now taken control of the newspaper’s head office.

Venezuelan authorities have taken control of the major newspaper El Nacional’s headquarters in Caracas. The leader of the ruling party, Diosdado Cabello, is Venezuela’s second most powerful person. Photo: Matias Delacroix / AP “At this moment, a judge, surrounded by the National Guard, has entered El Nacional’s building and seized everything that exists,” the newspaper’s … Read more

The world mobilizes before the lack of control of the coronavirus in India | Society

In English In the long year that the pandemic lasts, the eyes of the world have shifted from China to Europe and then to America. Today everyone is in the India, living in an uncontrolled situation, a humanitarian emergency due to the coronavirus like no other country has experienced, if you look at the number … Read more

why messenger RNA vaccines are a revolution in disease control

In medicine, there may be a before and an after Covid, because the success of messenger RNA vaccines makes researchers dream, and incidentally opens the floodgates of funding. What has been possible to fight this virus will be possible to fight other diseases? We hope so. Starting with cancers! Until a year and a half … Read more

The great benefits of a small nut: a source of antioxidants to help lower cholesterol and control weight

Favorite since ancient Roman times “Pistachios are a nut of exceptional taste and appearance. They are called “smiling nuts” in Iran and “happy nuts” in China. The name “green almonds” can be heard in other parts of the world. Pistachios are widespread in the Canary Islands, Northwest Africa, Southern Europe, Central and East Asia, as … Read more

“During the technical control, I was told something else …”

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at 11:28 a.m. Kris was confident he could use his new trailer with his current vehicle. While some agree with him, others do not. The Belgian is now questioning the highway code. Kris is a 39-year-old nurse. After his job, he repairs mowers in order to boost his ends … Read more

Rocket Debris Falls Out of Control, China Accuses US of Back

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – China accused the United States of being a “smear campaign” about the country’s space development in connection with the Long March 5B rocket incident. China which fell in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. The Long March 5B rocket produced by China some time ago has caught the attention of most … Read more

Nexos and Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción “will control” the PREP of the INE

An employee of Claudio X González and a Nexos editor and a collaborator of Letras Libres join the PREP Technical Council. Regeneration, May 10, 2021. The National Electoral Institute (OTHER) is in the eye of the hurricane thanks to its leading role in the 2021 electoral process and the way in which opposition groups are … Read more