Security researcher finds three consecutive flaws in Zoom that could let hackers take control of your Mac

Getty Images/Cavan Images RF Auto-updates keep users from worrying, and apps automatically get the latest and most effective protections and features, but video conferencing tool Zoom has been found to have a vulnerability that could allow hackers to take control of your Mac.according to Wired Quoting two vulnerability studies published by Mac researcher Patrick Wardle … Read more

The inspection by the SAO showed errors in tenders worth almost one hundred million. Bartoš ordered changes and audits — ČT24 — Czech Television

In response to the inspection, the current minister Ivan Bartoš (Pirates) said that the MMR failed in the management of organizations, therefore he ordered internal audits and changed the structure of the MMR management. The SAO examined the management of the Czech Tourism Central Office, the Mountain Services of the Czech Republic and the Center … Read more

Hacker took control of a Mac using a vulnerability in Zoom

The hacker conference Defcon is an arena where high-level security researchers compete to track down new and hitherto undiscovered security holes and vulnerabilities. During the weekend’s event, the communication platform Zoom was, among other things, in focus, reports Wired and The Verge. Security researcher Patrick Wardle used the Defcon platform to demonstrate a bunch of … Read more

Witness Reveals Scary Moments in Deadly Truck Accident Loss of Control on the Sukabumi-Cianjur Skull Track

PRFMNEWS – The moment it happened accident truck fuso hit a number of vehicles and pedestrians inskull path” Road Sukabumi–CianjurCipadang Village, Bangbayang Village, Gekbrong District, Regency CianjurWest Java revealed an eye witness. An eye witness, Teguh (54) explained that accident truck fuso hit several cars, motorbikes and pedestrians in skull path Sukabumi–Cianjur it starts with … Read more

Juric, total control over his Turin: Stroppa defeated with merit

The comparison between the coach of the Brianza and that of the Piedmontese: excellent performance by the grenades, very skilled in high aggression Torino deservedly won in Monza. Ivan Juric’s team pulled out their claws at the end of a week made somewhat complicated by the Sasa Lukic case. Yet it was not only the … Read more

6 Foods that are suitable for consumption by diabetics because they can control blood sugar levels

PRFMNEWS – Here’s information about 6 intakes food suitable for consumption by patients diabetes because it can control levels blood sugar. Maintain intake food that enters the patient’s body diabetes is one that must be guarded, because if you consume carelessly foodfor blood sugar can go up drastically. In addition to controlling levels blood sugar … Read more

WhatsApp updates new features to enjoy more privacy, more protection and more control

The messaging company, WhatsApp, cOver the years, they’ve added new levels of privacy protection to offer several ways to keep your messages safe, including temporary messages that self-destruct, end-to-end encrypted backups when you want to save your chat history, two-step verification for increased security, and the ability to block and report spam chats. In this … Read more

“Indifferent to pleas and unable to control himself” –

from Angela Balenzano The attacker had hooked up the French girls at the station to invite them to his house. Beaten and threatened, they were forced to undress and let themselves be filmed with their mobile phones. The 21-year-old judged “incapable of self-control” An invitation to drink a glass of wine and eat chips. This … Read more