Princess Amalia cannot be called a “semen bucket”: the most controversial student club in the Netherlands

She was sure. The Dutch princess Amalia will study at the beginning of next month and that includes membership of the Amsterdam student corps. After all, she wanted a student life ‘with all the trimmings’. But the princess has decided not to become a member after all. She gives no reason, but she probably finds … Read more

Some transfers were very controversial, but this is not Jankt’s case. Let Sparta solve it

CONVERSATION When the players of Sparta Prague go to the match against Olomouc this evening, the fresh reinforcement from Getafe Jakub Jankto will be there. A twenty-six-year-old representative whose arrival raised a number of questions. What does the legendary gunner Horst Siegl think about his return to the Czech Republic, and should Sparta also bring … Read more

Anthony Aranda: Andrea Arana destroys the Activator for a controversial gesture on Melissa Paredes’s birthday: “He’s a huachafo” | entertainment | A day at the mall | SHOWS

andrea arana y Valeria Florez commented on the controversial 32nd birthday of Melissa Paredes, which took place last Thursday, August 11. The drivers of ‘A day at the mall’ attacked Anthony Aranda for a gesture he had with the actress while he was showing his gifts. MIRA: Melissa Paredes: Judge rejected complaint against Cat’s mother … Read more

Lidl enters the game of comparisons and responds to the controversial Intermarché ad – NiT

Lidl enters the game of comparisons and responds to the controversial Intermarché ad The first advertising campaign was criticized for comparing prices with other supermarkets. At the beginning of June, Intermarché, insignia of the Mosqueteiros group, launched an advertising campaign to buy prices from several supermarkets to prove that the PorSi brand was the cheapest … Read more

After his controversial remarks, “The Rock” threatened by the boyfriend of Megan Thee Stallion!

The Rock rocked social media with his hilarious comments about rapper Megan Thee Stallion. But in the general euphoria, the artist’s boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, wanted to react with fairly clear comments, in order to calm things down. As a big international superstar, as a partner of many big brands, The Rock must be irreproachable in … Read more

“I’m glad we got rid of this individual”: Legault corrects the shot on his controversial statement

François Legault nuanced, Monday, his controversial statement from last week, where he said he was “happy that we are rid” of Abdulla Shaikh, alleged perpetrator of a series of three gratuitous murders in Montreal and Laval. • Read also: Series of murders: “I am happy that we are rid of this individual,” says Legault • … Read more

An animated film produced by the controversial director of “Toy Story”

Like any good animated family movie, “Luck” works on the optimistic premise that no matter how desperate your situation, good will eventually come out of it. That’s probably also what Apple TV+ is hoping for John Lasseter, the legendary director who took over the helm of new Skydance Animation productions — and produced “Luck” — … Read more

The handbag: the new trend of Balenciaga at 1700 euros which is controversial (photo)

Who said taking out the trash was unfashionable? Certainly not the luxury brand Balenciaga. Since the brand’s new collection arrived in stores and on its website at the beginning of August, the reactions have been going well. In question ? The design of their new handbag inspired by our dear everyday trash bag. Same shape, … Read more

“No going out at night” .. Controversial new rules in Paris Saint-Germain

“You have to control yourself on and off the field.” These were the words of Christophe Galtier, the new coach of Paris Saint-Germain, on the day he was introduced to the club, which reflects the new direction of the team. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of the French club, wants to control and impose commitment in various … Read more

From the controversial look of Dua Lipa to the photo session of Jennifer López: celebrities in one click

In addition, J Balvin was criticized for his pajama-style outfit and Anne Hathaway walked the streets of New York Dua Lipa was seen in the stunning Tuscan region of Florence. The English singer-songwriter surprised with a white corset with laces that aroused mixed opinions (Photo: The Grosby Group) Super sensual, Jennifer Lopez posed with for … Read more