Converts methane to methanol under ambient conditions using light

Natural gas, consisting mainly of methane, has a relatively low energy density under ambient conditions. The partial oxidation of methane to methanol increases energy density and stimulates the production of many chemicals. An international research team led by scientists at University of Manchesterdeveloped a fast and economical method for converting methane or natural gas into … Read more

Apple is the number one destination for converts from other brands

date of publication: June 17 2022 13:24 GMT Update date: Jun 17 2022 15:35 GMT Despite the strong competition between many mobile phone manufacturers, Apple has managed to secure a niche for itself as the number one smartphone provider in the world, and it still occupies the largest share in the smartphone industry. Thanks in … Read more

A fabric that converts movement into electricity

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Researchers at Nanyang University of Technology (NTU) in Singapore have developed a new stretchy, waterproof material that can convert energy generated by body movement into electrical energy. This “fabric” could, for example, be incorporated into clothing or the soles of shoes, to serve as … Read more

US restaurant manager converts to Islam to marry Jombang student

Jombang – John Michael Rapp (29) is willing to embrace Islam in order to marry a student from the District Jombang. Caucasians from the United States (US) who works as a restaurant manager changed his name to Muhammad Abdul Azis. John became acquainted with Nurul Lailissa’idah (21) via Facebook (FB) in 2020. The foreigner from … Read more

Cameroon legend Mboma converts to Islam and chooses a new name for him

Cameroonian football legend Patrick Mboma has officially converted to Islam, announcing it to a crowd at the Bonamousadi Mosque in Douala, one of the largest cities in Cameroon. Pictures and video clips documented scenes of Patrick Mboma’s conversion to Islam, as Mboma appeared on the mosque’s pulpit last Friday, speaking to the audience saying “Peace … Read more

Many Prisoners Become Converts, Habib Bahar Praised by Judges

Bandung – Habib Bahar bin Smith was put on trial for the alleged case of spreading false news during a lecture. On the other hand, the panel of judges praised Bahar Smith’s example. The chairman of the panel of judges, Dodong Rusdani, gave this compliment after the public prosecutor (JPU) read out his response to … Read more

From Clarence Seedorf to Cristian Gonzales: This row of footballers embraced Islam and became converts to Islam

The former AC Milan and Real Madrid star decided to convert to Islam some time ago because he was assisted by his wife, Sophia Makramati. He posted the news on his personal Instagram: “Thank you for all the kind messages in celebration of me joining a Muslim family.” “I am very happy to join all … Read more

Canada bans therapy that ‘converts’ sexual and / or gender orientation. Two reflections

While the European Commission was discussing whether to send Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all his fellow citizens, the Canadian government unanimously approved a law that will ban the so-called conversion therapy, a conversion therapy also known as reparative, reintegrative, or aversion therapy. They are part of the conversion therapy any type of therapeutic … Read more

5 Indonesian Athletes Who Decide To Be Converts and Immediate Emigration, Number 1 Feel Calm When Listening to Azan : Okezone Sports

TOTAL Indonesian athletes decide to become convert. They were not careless after choosing to embrace Islam. The athletes discussed below are properly carrying out the commands carried out by Allah SWT. So, who are the athletes in question? Here are 5 Indonesian athletes who decided to convert to Islam and immediately emigrated: 5. Markus Horizon … Read more