Lory Del Santo, sick at Briatore Cook’s Crazy Pizza

Throbbing stomach cramps, vomiting and asthenia. She was at Crazy Pizza by Flavio Briatore when Lory Del Santo, 64 years old next September, he accused an illness by his own admission “never experienced until now”. The Italian actress, director and photographer, originally from Povegliano Veronese, was at the first dinner away from home after 80 … Read more

The sadness of Sofía Pachano for her abrupt departure from Argentine Cooks: “The forms hurt me”

From one day to another, Sofia Pachano disappeared from Argentine cooks. Without an explanation for the public or a farewell from the artist, the conflict remained hidden until the Public TV program won with a Martín Fierro on May 15. That night, Pachano was not at the awards ceremony, and when they consulted him for … Read more

Vant «Worst Cooks in America»:

In the summer of 2020, Ariel Robinson (30) from South Carolina won the American reality and food program “Worst Cooks in America”. Barely six months later, she – along with her husband Jerry Robinson – was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in death. The indictment came five days after their three-year-old foster daughter … Read more

Work, the Let’s go to Villach is looking for bartenders, receptionists and cooks Paychecks and jobs

Also there house of sex fence personal and can’t find it. What is missing, however, are not the beautiful ones during the day but rather bartenders, receptionists, cooks. Unavailable. Even a job in the midst of many beautiful women, therefore, fails to deliver a shower of CVs. To launch an appeal to hire employees is … Read more

Sofía Pachano broke the silence about Argentine Cooks: “What they said is false”

Sofia Pachano He spoke about his alleged departure and anger with the production of “Argentine Cooks”, a program that he has been conducting since the beginning of 2021. The daughter of Ánibal Pachano spoke with the DiarioShow portal and He denied the version that was said this week in “Partners of the Show” by Adrián … Read more

The war in Ukraine. The Playboy star cooks for the soldiers in Kiev

Ukrainian Playboy star Dasha Astafyeva has supported Ukrainian soldiers since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and shows their solidarity with those fighting for their homeland. On recordings from the cellar in Kiev, he thanks the soldiers, reports on the preparation of food packages, and shows how he prepares meals for people at … Read more

Apple’s semiconductors will shake the industry… Tim Cook’s Monster Chip Silicon Valley Now

Enter 2022.03.09 13:35 Edited 2022.03.09 13:51 Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’, a professional PC. The computer body is a device that looks like a white box on the desk. provided by apple Apple is accelerating innovation with its in-house developed semiconductor (Apple Silicon). Apple unveiled the ‘M1 Ultra’ chip for ultra-high-performance PCs at a new product presentation … Read more

Jeroen Meus wins prestigious Dutch prize: “It’s simple: what he cooks in his stew is sold more and more” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

showbizJeroen Meus (43) and ‘Daily food’: we have considered them as Flemish heritage for some time. This week, the TV chef was the first Belgian to win the prestigious Johannes van Dam prize from our northern neighbors because, according to the jury, he “inspires millions of Flemish and Dutch people in the kitchen”. Or, know … Read more

Erick Elera and Allison Pastor: The actor reveals they got married in a hurry | Farándula | America Television | My mom cooks better than yours | SHOWS

Erick Elera revealed that he fattens his wife Allison Pastor and they got married in a hurry. Why? The actor and host revealed that his eldest daughter was in Lima on those dates and they wanted her to be a participant in the ceremony. The remembered ‘fish-faced boy’ gave more details of their union. SIGHT: … Read more