Diablo 4 Raiders experience: Beta public beta professional pioneering with some corpse explosion flow necromancer, zookeeper Druid skill recommendation #黑色爆破神(191218) – Cool3c

Diablo 4 is the second wave of Beta public testing. Players can choose necromancers and druids in the game that the first wave of public testing has not yet opened. In Diablo 3, the necromancer is the first choice for many people to pioneer. In this public beta, you can also experience the zombie summoning … Read more

Nintendo’s official website shows that “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” will become Nintendo’s largest-capacity game so far #Wild Breath (189539) – Cool3c

With the eager anticipation of fans, Nintendo finally released the latest trailer of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” at the Nintendo Direct presentation earlier this month. In addition to showing a lot of game content and pictures , The development team also confirmed that this work will be officially launched on the … Read more

Soft-modified Steam Deck becomes the king of handhelds: play thousands of games on the emulator #EmuDeck (188024) – Cool3c

In addition to being the king of handheld consoles in 2022, Steam Deck has unexpectedly become the king of very powerful emulator handhelds because of its high-performance hardware, good scalability, and Linux-based operating system. We have also written before how to greatly increase the storage space by modifying the machine. It can even be larger … Read more

Free online photo editing experience and teaching of Photopea: No need to install a simple version of Photoshop, you can keep layers and save PSD files, and PS software can open and edit #pdf (187908) – Cool3c

If there is a temporary need for photo editing but Adobe Photoshop is not installed on the computer, you can try the free online photo editing service Photopea in such an emergency. After the actual test, the functions are more complete than expected, and even the shortcut keys can be used. It works like It … Read more

Hard Technology: DouKnowledge Intel and AMD’s 1GHz clock battle for hegemony (2000) #x86 (178437) – Cool3c

“Bean knowledge” originated from Japanese is a kind of knowledge that is rare in life, a kind of alternative knowledge. It is optional, as long as you know it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know it. Although in hindsight, this x86 processor duo at the end of the twentieth century seems a bit boring, … Read more

It is revealed that Persona 3 “Complete Remake” is planning to adopt the style and gameplay of Persona 5 #Atlus (187706) – Cool3c

A whistleblower who once revealed that the Atlus team is developing a remastered version of “Goddess of Hero 3” has recently reiterated the existence of this project to players. Since Persona 5: The Royal Edition was officially released in 2019, the future development of this super popular Japanese RPG series has become a topic of … Read more

Nintendo’s rumored development plan focuses on the Switch successor The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will become the last masterpiece of NS#rumor(187589) – Cool3c

After the launch of the Nintendo Switch console for a period of time, various rumors about the new machine have never stopped, whether it is a hardware upgrade like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, or an authentic successor model, fans almost Every once in a while you can see similar rumors. Not long … Read more

Modern Battlefield 2.0 players bring full “self-resurrection” props and successfully single-row with zero kills and eat chicken#大阿战杀游戏(186712) – Cool3c

Players of Activision’s free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.0 have come up with a creative new strategy. Although this game tested the players’ marksmanship and survival skills just like other battle royale games, a modification detail of the previous version allowed players to find a more pacifist way to win. You … Read more

Slam Dunk movie experience: filled with youthful memories, the author’s perspective presented through the characters, a love letter to Inoue Takehiko fans (with thunder) #梨木花道(187475) – Cool3c

The Slam Dunk movie version of The First Slam Dunk launched a special New Year’s Eve show in Taiwan. This work has been serialized in Jump since 1990. After the TV animation version was broadcast in 1993, it has become the youth of many people, even because of this work. Basketball once became the sport … Read more

2023 Japan’s New Year’s Eve 73rd Red and White Song Battle Lazy Package: Cast, Songs, Program List, Live Channel #NHK (187199) – Cool3c

In 2023, the Japanese New Year’s Eve party program “Red and White Song Hezhan” has successively announced the participating casts and performances. This year, the 73rd Japan Red and White Uta Battle will be held at the NHK hall in Tokyo, Japan. Continuing the method of canceling the hosts of the red and white teams … Read more