a fire destroys 2,000 copies of films at the Cinémathèque

A fire devastated Thursday a warehouse of the Brazilian Cinematheque of Sao Paulo which contained some 2000 copies of films, an incident considered by the filmmakers as “announced tragedy“after what they denounce as errors in the cultural policy of the Bolsonaro government. For more than two hours, about fifty firefighters fought the flames which destroyed … Read more

Kojima Productions’ first game sells 5 million copies on PS4 and PC

“It has performed quite well in terms of sales,” they say from the Hideo Kojima study. How many games have you sold Death Stranding? Until now, Hideo Kojima’s studio had been elusive in answering that question, with the creative himself stating in 2020 that his game had been a commercial success, but without supporting the … Read more

Death Stranding has sold five million copies – Gaming – News

It’s about the Ponyboys & girls being deliberately ignorant or that they really live in an illusion that Paystation still has the focus on exclusives when they are actually “Timed Exclusives” then again the fact that they are not even Generation Exclusives. Do you think that normal and healthy behavior that every time there is … Read more

5 essential products copies of major brands tested and found to be better than the originals

Who said taking care of your skin necessarily means clearing your pockets? At Lidl, you can enjoy quality while saving money. For the German brand, it is even the ultimate goal of its small promotions. And from now on, it seems that some of its cosmetic products far exceed some of the big brand products. … Read more

200 copies for the world

For the craftsmen of Audemars Piguet, the challenge was to adapt this finishing technique to the entire case and bracelet of the Royal Oak, without altering the classic characteristics of its design. It was also necessary to rethink the order of execution of the other finishes (polishing and satin finishing) because of the arrangement of … Read more

also bought three copies

To celebrate the 34th anniversary of the saga, the creative tells a curiosity from 1987, when he started in the sector. Hideo Kojima He is currently one of the best-known creatives in the video game industry. In addition to his resume, led mainly by the saga Metal Gear, the eccentricities of the Japanese do not … Read more

The book market grows, in the first six months of the year + 44% of copies sold: all sales channels awarded

Growth also compared to 2019 – Comparing with 2019, net of the effects of the pandemic, the growth is even more significant: sales are 11 million more copies (31%). A result that generated a market value of 207 million for the sector and more hard on 2020 (+ 42%) and 156 more on 2019 (+ … Read more

Resident Evil Village surpasses 4.5 million copies

© Capcom announced that total shipments and digital sales Resident Evil Village worldwide exceeded 4.5 million copies. On May 11, the company announced that the game reached three million shipments and digital sales, and on May 26, four million. Resident Evil Village released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC on Steam, … Read more

Nadine Njeim responds to critics of changing her appearance and expresses her admiration for girls who changed their appearance to become copies of her

enjoy the artist Nadine Njeim Many praise her for her beauty and appearance, but on the other hand, there are those who bully her on the pretext that she changed a lot of her appearance, stressing that the signs of change began to appear with the series “Tareeq” when it was said that she underwent … Read more

An ad for The Walking Dead Survivors shamelessly copies the iconic cover of Resident Evil 2 Remake

The mobile game The Walking Dead Survivors seems to have loosely copied the cover art of Resident Evil 2 Remake, an iconic image etched on the retina of many gamers. If Capcom was the accused of using photographs of an artist without permission, it seems that now the tables have turned and it is Elex, … Read more