A deputy and a union denounce the “stigmatization” of pupils in difficulty in a film co-produced by Hanouna

The chairman of the “education” committee in the Assembly and a teachers’ union said Thursday they feared “a filthy and distressing stigma” and a “class contempt” on the occasion of the upcoming release of a film co-produced by Cyril Hanouna dedicated to the students of Segpa. On the basis of a short two-minute trailer broadcast … Read more

“Mass Effect” adaptation of the TV series will be co-produced by Amazon, EA, and BioWare #Mass Effect (169025)

According to Jennifer Salke, an agreement with EA and BioWare has been prepared to adapt and shoot TV series content based on the “Mass Effect” game works. On the other hand, EA has also revealed that it will shoot TV series with the theme of “Mass Effect” to extend the plot experience beyond the game. … Read more