The sequel to “The Traitor 2077” is in place by the core team of CDPR’s new North American studio | XFastest News

Recently, according to Rovi Sasko, the mission director of Rogue 2077, he will be relocating from CD Projekt Red’s Polish headquarters to help build a new Boston team to produce the sequel, and Rogue 2077 The “core team” will also move to the new studio established in North America. Sasko said, “I will be focusing … Read more

Nance Jr. renews his contract with the Pelicans in advance for 2 years and $21.6 million to retain the future core team – yqqlm

Original title: Nance Jr. 2 years, 21.6 million US dollars in advance to renew the Pelicans to retain the future core team On October 2, Beijing time, a report from Woj, a famous reporter, said that sources revealed that Larry Nance Jr. and the Pelicans reached a two-year contract worth $21.6 million in advance. Nance … Read more

FromSoftware is looking for a character designer for Armored Core 6

Although the development has not yet been officially confirmed by FromSoftware, it is not a secret that the successful study after Elden Ring is working on a new installment of the saga Armored Core. Earlier this year, a forum user ResetEra compartments a series of images of Armored Core 6 after having participated in a … Read more

Ryzen 7000 Core Display Performance Measurement

Tonight, AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series processor evaluation has been lifted.We have tested the performance levels of this generation of processors in detail in our first review.single-core and multi-core are greatly improved compared to the previous generation Ryzen 5000. In addition to CPU performance, Ryzen 7000 has a small problem worth paying attention to, that is, … Read more

Windows 11 22H2 Update Attention!Microsoft confirms that “this specification” computer will crash with blue screen – Free Electronics News 3C Technology

Microsoft Windows 11 continues to push the 22H2 update. (Picture / flip the official website) Microsoft has successively promoted the major update of Windows 11 22H2. Although this version is much more stable than in the past, there are still some disasters. In addition to the performance problem caused by the graphics card that has … Read more

Intel Innovation 2022: 13th Gen Core Desktop Processors Create the Best Gaming Experience

Emphasis is placed on bringing the strongest game processing on the surface, while having excellent creator and real-world application performance. During the Intel Innovation 2022 event, Intel announced the 13th generation Core desktop processors and 700 series chipsets, and the 12th generation will be changed in less than a year, and Intel is still confident … Read more

AMD Ryzen chases 5 years of Intel to find a way to crack the first 14th generation Core processor | XFastest News

It has been five and a half years since AMD launched the Ryzen processor in 2017, and AMD has been catching up all the way in the CPU marketthe market share has climbed to more than 25%, and its small chip design cost is 40% lower, which makes it difficult for Intel to compete with … Read more

The packaging of the Core i9-13900K appeared in the photo – the kit will again have a fake silicon wafer

Intel will use new packaging for the flagship Core i9-13900K processors – a Japanese source published its photo. The next generation chips will be officially unveiled by Intel next week. Image Source: VideoCardz The flagship Raptor Lake-S processors will ship in compact boxes with signature blue coloring and a minimalistic design. The boxed version of … Read more

Intel’s 13th-generation Core single-core performance is unmatched! AMD can no longer see the taillights–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

In recent years, Intel’s single-core performance has been very strong. Zen3’s Ryzen 5000 series has just caught up with the 11th-generation Core, the new architecture’s 12th and 13th-generation Cores have been running all the way, and Zen4’s Ryzen 7000 series has no hope of catching up. In addition to adding 8 small cores to 24 … Read more