Paz Cornú spoke about her pregnancy and confessed that she went through a fertilization process

Paz Cornú married in April 2019 to Diego Orden. Their love story had begun two years earlier at the Tequila bowling alley, the night that ended with a consolidated family and in the sweet waiting for twins today. Paz and Diego They enjoyed a romantic evening in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Núñez, along with … Read more

Paz Cornú is pregnant with twins: “I end the year with the certainty that miracles exist”

Paz CornúAs soon as love united them at first sight in a disco, Paz Cornú and Diego Orden They showed their desire to start a family, but it was not easy. The 43-year-old businesswoman, mother of Milan and Ítalo fruit of her relationship with Jorge BasileShe watched her desire to get pregnant again naturally becoming … Read more