Mexico exceeds 1.5 million infections, with a new maximum in one day

The pandemic keeps the hospital system of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico under pressure, so the governments of Mexico City and the State of Mexico – states that make it up – keep activities restricted except for those classified as essential since three weeks ago, with everything and the economic implications that … Read more

Health announces that the guide for vaccination against COVID-19 is already available

López-Gatell added that the stage is already being prepared so that when the Pfizer vaccine is authorized, “we can immediately use it” and said that it is possible that before the end of this year the first ones will arrive. “It is possible that before the end of the year we will have an initial … Read more

30 Mass. Communities in the red zone of the COVID map – Telemundo New England

There are now 30 communities considered most at risk of transmitting the new coronavirus in Massachusetts, based on the latest weekly community-level data on the pandemic, which no longer includes an updated city-by-city COVID-19 risk assessment map. The total is nearly double the 16 towns and cities in last week’s report, which had dramatically fewer … Read more

Mexico accumulates more than 40,000 cases in a week and reaches 895,326

For several days, the federal government has warned that there are “early signs” of an outbreak, which is why it has called on state and municipal authorities to evaluate and supervise the activities they have decided to resume. José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidemiology, considered that the country’s conditions would not allow a measure … Read more

Mexico adds 6,025 cases and rises to 9th place globally in infections

It is the fourth consecutive day in which the country reports more than 6,000 infections, a situation that coincides with the announcement of “early signs” of a re-outbreak of the pandemic on which the federal government has insisted in the last week. Worldwide, Mexico is the ninth country with the most accumulated cases, because with … Read more

Coronavirus (coronavirus) September 2 table: Fahrettin husband provinces coronavirus has announced the latest situation in the map – the number of cases and deaths in Turkey

PROVINCES WITH INCREASE Ankara, Kayseri, Urfa, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Batman, Van, Ağrı are among our provinces with the highest increase in ten periods … There is an increase in Mersin and Manisa, but the situation is more controlled … Let me also say this: For a few days, Gaziantep, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Batman have fallen … … Read more

Enrique Paris: “Covid-positive people should not vote in the plebiscite”

Enrique Paris has permeated the Ministry of Health with his style. With more or less criticism than its predecessor, it marked a before and after. Although he tells Publimetro that “it has been very exhausting”, he focuses on patients, and on overcoming the health crisis. This, despite the fact that definitions that “bring controversy” can … Read more

Minister Paris ruled out Mañalich’s intention to manipulate data on deaths from coronavirus

In the Investigative Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, the minister Enrique Paris ruled out that his predecessor, Jaime Mañalich, have had the intention to modify the data of deaths from coronavirus. The Chamber investigates acts that may mean an unjustified reduction in the death registry due to the covid-19. On the occasion, Paris pointed … Read more

It is now possible to request the 500 thousand pesos bonus to support the middle class

From this Saturday, August 1 and until next Monday, August 31, people who need it and meet the requirements can request the 500 thousand pesos bonus passed last Thursday in the Congress, inserted in the so-called Middle Class Plan and intended for those who have been economically affected due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is … Read more

In Colombia they invent an unusual way to protect themselves from the coronavirus

Every day new cases of coronavirus in the world, which has meant the issuance of drastic measures, since it is vital to prevent the spread of covid-19 pandemic. Mandatory isolation, border closure, the use of masks, and frequent hand washing have been the most common care. But they do not seem to be sufficient, since … Read more