A. Bilotaitė sick of COVID-19: “Vaccines did a good job”

The minister was isolated and working remotely. The work of the ministry is going on normally, as more than 90 percent. ministry staff are immunized. The minister herself is vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. All employees who have been in contact with the Minister have been vaccinated and do not feel any symptoms … Read more

BNS: highlights of Tuesday 15min.lt

Coronavirus situation. 2354 new cases of COVID-19 were identified, 26 people died. The hospitals currently treat 1,842 people with COVID-19. As the number of outbreaks continues to rise, epidemiologists are urging every opportunity to keep the virus from spreading. Direct management. The Ministry of the Interior is preparing a proposal to introduce direct management in … Read more

BNS: Highlights of Monday 15min.lt

Coronavirus situation: * 1,043 new cases of COVID-19 were identified, 14 people died. 121 people were vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine. 1114 people are currently being treated in hospitals. * A booster dose of COVID-19 would be 42.4%. adult population, according to a public opinion poll commissioned by BNS and conducted by … Read more

Lithuania is the fourth in the EU in terms of morbidity COVID-19, the second in terms of mortality

Last week, Lithuania was seventh and third, respectively, according to these indicators. According to the data of the Center, during the last two weeks the indicator of new diseases in Lithuania reaches almost 395 cases per 100 thousand. population. According to this indicator, Slovenia is the first in the European Union, there during the same … Read more

BNS: Highlights of Wednesday 15min.lt

KET changes. The government has approved amendments to the Road Traffic Rules to allow separate streets for bicycle traffic, to restrict the use of electric scooters by signs. Some of the changes will take effect from January next year, some from June. Afghan people. Border guards detained five Afghans in Lithuania on Tuesday evening, the … Read more

Epidemiologists: COVID-19 outbreaks in Lithuania increased significantly last week

According to Giedrė Aleksienė, the head of the Communicable Diseases Management Division of the NVSC, acting acting director, specialists with a similar number of active outbreaks were last registered in the beginning of June. “In terms of trends, the increase in the number of outbreaks is undoubtedly a cause for concern. We last recorded more … Read more

The whole school was closed in Šilutė district due to the COVID-19 outbreak

This school year is the first school to be closed due to COVID-19. According to Gintarė Tamošauskienė, a doctor from Šilutė District Municipality, about half of the students in a small school have agreed to be tested. Five cases of infection were identified during testing. They were later confirmed by PCR tests. Some children felt … Read more

Passions for Vaccination: Why is Woody strictly against it, and Stano urges everyone to get vaccinated? | Names

The vaccinations were discussed this time in the program “KK2 Friday”, which will be shown on Friday evening during LNK. One of the interlocutors, singer Arvydas Martinėnas-Vudis, who participates in many events and concerts, is open – he is still unvaccinated and does not plan, according to a TV press release. Photo by Marius Vizbaras … Read more

BNS: Highlights of Friday 15min.lt

“Kaunas pride”. By an unappealable decision, the court ordered Kaunas Municipality to coordinate the route for Saturday’s Kaunas pride march, which is intended to draw attention to the rights of LGBTQ + people. The municipality says it will enforce the decision, but the court will take some responsibility for the consequences of the event if … Read more

BNS: highlights of Tuesday 15min.lt

Cvirka monument. Heritage conservationists have removed the monument to Soviet-era writer and political figure Peter Cvirka in the capital from the register of cultural values. Experts are still considering whether to include P.Cvirka Square in the center of the capital in the register. Vilnius Deputy Mayor Valdas Benkunskas says that the monument should be moved … Read more