Photo 1: Emma Coronel: The end as a ‘celebrity’ of Chapo’s great love

Chapo Guzmán’s wife cried when she pleaded guilty to money laundering and drug trafficking in the United States. The meteoric trajectory of Joaquín ‘el Chapo’ Guzmán’s wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, in the world of organized crime and that of celebrities ended this Thursday after she pleaded guilty to crimes related to drug trafficking. .

Tim Coronel through the dust after clumsy comment | Entertainment

Sylvana had posted a candid message on the social media with a photo of her holding a baby. She also wrote that she herself has been very ill. Tim seemed to have not read the message completely and his reaction went wrong with several followers of Sylvana. In fact, in the candid message, Sylvana wrote: … Read more

At his young 34 years old fashion designer Leo Coronel passed away this Monday

Missionary couturier Leo Coronel had made a name for himself on the local scene, where with his creations he conquered more than one woman. He even transcended provincial borders and visited Nicole Neumann and Ingrid Grudke. His life ended this Monday, at the age of 34, due to cancer, a disease that had plagued him … Read more

Marcela Coronel asked to go on the air in Bendita and Beto Casella lowered his thumb: “It is not in the routine”

A new chapter added to the scandal that generated the strong crossing of Marcela Coronel with Denise Dumas in Must see and that ended with the resignation of the journalist from the program that airs every afternoon for The nine. Now. who surprised with his posture was Beto Casella. It all started when Denise told … Read more

Marcela Coronel resigned from “Must See” after her heated discussion with Denise Dumas

Days ago, there was a heated discussion on the air between Denise Dumas and Marcela Coronel in Must see (The nine, at 15) linked to the mandatory quarantine for him coronavirus. The host explained that there are many families who suffer isolation due to not having an economic income, while the panelist defended, with a … Read more