Explosion in a school in Rovigo, broken glass and smoke filling the corridors: two students injured

ROVIGO – A bang and a lot of smoke, which invaded a small room and a corridor, while all the students were forced out of the school. It happened this morning, March 23, shortly after 9, at the Ipsia in via Alfieri, which is part of the Rovigo Technological Pole, or the Viola-Marchesini IIS, which … Read more

Papa: Nurturers of humanitarian corridors, mediators of integration!

Pope Francis welcomed the refugees who arrived in European countries through humanitarian corridors at the Vatican. Joey Kariveli, Vatican City The Pope said that humanitarian corridors are a practical way to avoid tragedies and dangers related to human trafficking. Pope Francis highlighted the importance of these corridors on Saturday (18/03/23) at the Vatican, where he … Read more

Armenian people isolated in the siege of Lachin corridors

Years after the military embargo imposed by Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020, the small republic of Armenia remains isolated from the rest of the world. Fr. Jinu Jacob, Vatican City On September 27, 2020, Azerbaijan launched a massive military operation against the small Armenian republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh). The ensuing forty-four-day war ended … Read more

The list of candidates in the corridors of Bkerke… Who is the most fortunate?

4 – January – 2023 Bkerky After the end of the holidays, the search for solutions to the crises must be relaunched, foremost of which is putting the presidential election file back on the track, even if the path is long. At this time, Bkerke constituted a station for those concerned with merit, who, under … Read more

“The nuns taught me to be inflexible. The haters? I risked more in the corridors of Ballando»- Corriere.it

Of Renato Franco The journalist and juror of the program hosted by Milly Carlucci said she was disappointed by Mariotto and Canino. it was a catastrophic edition from the human point of view. Lorenzo competitor? An error Inflexible with others. And with itself?Mine is a critical and self-critical method, even towards me I always raise … Read more

Have you entered the Great Pyramid before? Watch its secrets and corridors with 3D technology!

Have you visited the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt before? Did you enter the Great Pyramid? Now you can visit the pyramids “virtually” as you can enter the pyramid of Khufu and discover its corridors and corridors. Harvard University has recently published a three-dimensional video of the details of the Great Pyramid from the inside, … Read more