«Dangerous manoeuvre, it does not fight the escape. The strike will serve as it was with Draghi»- Corriere.it

from Enrico Marro The secretary: «No initiatives with the parties. We are determined to change the government’s choices which, among other things, widen precariousness, even with the return of vouchers, and do not address the wage emergency” CGIL and UIL will strike against the Meloni maneuver. Also last year there was a separate strike, without … Read more

«Shocked by the politicians who foment this climate»- Corriere.it

from Political editorial staff The Chief of Defense and images of a pacifist march in Rome, with a protester who says: «Violence against Crosetto? I wouldn’t tear my hair out.” Bipartisan solidarity “I am shocked. But that hand, of someone who is theoretically a pacifist, was armed by some politicians who for two months have … Read more

the patrols in green uniforms who go in search of the “undercover” – Corriere.it

from Andrew Nicastro Since the days of its founder Ayatollah Khomeini, the Gasht Ershad has had different names and violence, but it has never disappeared Everything comes fromhisbah, concept of the Koran, which invites us to appreciate what is right and despise what is wrong to make ourselves and our surroundings better. THEn name ofhisbah … Read more

Why not eating breakfast is a mistake (and how to do it right) – Corriere.it

from Silvia Turin 20-30% of Italian students do not do it and, due to school timetables, fasting from the night before risks lasting up to 15 hours. The bad habit becomes more frequent with increasing age Kids who skip breakfast before school have a lower academic performance and they can suffer from irritability and fatigue. … Read more

Why high intensity training kills hunger – Corriere.it

from Christine Brown Scientists have discovered a new molecule produced in high quantities after strenuous physical activity (but not after walking). The hypothesis that it is capable of reducing appetite Those who train often ask themselves the question: why do you feel hungry after certain exercises and not at all after others? In particular after … Read more

Arms to Ukraine, here’s how they arrive from the West (and what they are) – Corriere.it

Germany has announced that it will give another seven Gepards, tracked vehicles equipped with double cannons that have proved to be very effective in countering drones and missiles. They will add to the 30 already sent, but it will take some time for them to be available level weapons, warehouse residuesvehicles in mothballs, modern equipment … Read more