Dan Rapoport, a well-known anti Putin banker, was found dead under suspicious circumstances. He was in Washington- Corriere.it

from Giulia Taviani The man was found lifeless on Sunday evening. He had more than $ 2,000 in cash on him. Since 2012 he had always stood up for Alexei Navalny by criticizing the Kremlin even after the invasion of Ukraine was found dead in Washington Dan Rapoport, a well-known Latvian-Russian banker who spoke fiercely … Read more

Center-right lists, Forza Italia from Berlusconi in Sardinia. Nordio, Craxi, Gallera: the totonomi- Corriere.it

from Paola Di Caro and Adriana Logroscino Race for the lists of Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia. Summit of the Azzurri in the villa of the former premier, who will race in Monza. From Nordio to Tremonti for Fratelli d’Italia. Fitto’s candidacy hangs in the balance The center-right in the final rush after days … Read more

“But I depend on others, it is no longer my life” – Corriere.it

from Elvira Serra The quadriplegic from Marche who got the green light: “I’ll decide when, I don’t have a deadline.” Filomena Gallo who assists him with the Luca Coscioni Association: «It’s not an afterthought. But he can change his mind until the end ». The accident in 2014 With “Mario”, actually Federico Carboni, the quadriplegic … Read more

Renato Pozzetto fell ill and was hospitalized in Varese- Corriere.it

from Entertainment editing The actor spent August in the hospital. His condition is improving He has a slight illness and is hospitalized in the Medicine ward of the Circolo di Varese hospital. Hours of concern for Renato Pozzetto82 years old, the famous actor and singer who lives between Milan and Laveno, on Lake Maggiore. Improving … Read more

Thus drought aggravates the energy shock (and weighs on the economy) – Corriere.it

The it dries up which during the summer has afflicted a large part ofEuropa – and also other areas of the world including the West of the United States – not just damage to agriculture. Its consequences spread in all directions: from the energy crisis to the economic slowdown. Germany and France, the two major … Read more

either I pass as a thief or I have to close the business »- Corriere.it

from Giovanni Gardani The owner of the pizzeria, Alberto Rovati, has displayed a sign with the July bill: 4 thousand euros to be paid only for electricity. “A provocation, but we can’t go on like this” “When expenses become unsustainable” is the ideal title. Then the sign on display in the window, which is both … Read more

Villa on fire, 75-year-old Italian found dead in Buenos Aires with tied hands and feet – Corriere.it

from Paolo Virtuani Emilia Carlomagno was originally from Molise. She lived alone in one of the most beautiful houses in the neighborhood. The week before her, her dog had been poisoned. The Argentine prosecutor opens a murder investigation Firefighters intervened to put out a fire in a house in San Francisco Solano, a suburb of … Read more