11 September, the commemoration of the victims at Ground Zero – Corriere TV

The commemoration of 9/11 at Ground Zero began with a chime and a moment of silence, 21 years after the worst terrorist attack on US soil. Relatives of the victims gathered at all three locations where the hijacked planes crashed on September 11, 2001 (the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, and a … Read more

Trump, the video of suspicious transfers of documents from Mar-a-Lago- Corriere TV

Staff resumed in 2021 as they move boxes from their Florida residence to a jet that will take the former president to New Jersey A video of Daily Mailnow re-emerged on the Net, but dated maggio 2021would show it Trump staff move several cartons containing documents. The images, dated May 9, show the staff loading … Read more

Pilot announces queen’s death on British Airways flight, stewardesses burst into tears- Corriere TV

(LaPresse) A video showing the crew of a volo British Airways burst into tears at the announcementgiven by the pilot, of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The images were spread on Twitter from the account of @mcapiraso, a passenger on the flight that departed from Jfk in New York, who captured the exact moment … Read more

“God save the King” resounds for the first time in St. Paul’s Cathedral – Corriere TV

The new version of the hymn concluded the ceremony in honor of the deceased sovereign (LaPresse) «God save the King» is officially the new anthem of Great Britain. It is the first time that the British national anthem has been sung in its new version in a public ceremony in light of Queen Elizabeth II’s … Read more

Argentine conductor celebrates the death of Queen Elizabeth on live TV with toasts and balloons – Corriere TV

Il Argentine conductor Santiago Cuneo announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II in a studio full of festoons and balloons. Applauding with joy celebrated the death of the sovereign: “The old killer Nazi is finally dead.” There live continued with a toasts, Cuneo uncorked a bottle of sparkling wine and drank with the guests to … Read more

«Melons are you serious? You censor Peppa Pig, but you share rape videos »- Corriere TV

Enrico Letta lashes out against the leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni: «Are you serious? Censuri Peppa Pig, but share rape videos. ‘ The dem secretary thus commented on some of the positions taken by FdI from the Brescia stage. From the Lombard capital, the leader of the Democratic Party started his echo … Read more

“America is lucky to have you as president” – Corriere TV

The former US president returned to the White House with his wife Michelle for the presentation of their official portraits (LaPresse) America is lucky to have you as president. “So Barack Obama, addressed to his successor, Joe Biden, in the ceremony for the presentation of the official portraits of the former president and former first … Read more

“The winter will be long and cold” – Corriere TV

A video circulating on social networks threatens the Union: “Sanctions lifted” “The winter will be long and cold”: the Russian propaganda video circulates on social media after the announcement of the suspension of gas supplies to Europe via the pipeline Nord Stream 1. The film was made by a journalist of a Russian government TV … Read more

at least 7 dead – Corriere TV

(LaPresse) Tragedy in Pohang cityin South Koreawhere the tifone Hinnamnor. The floods caused by the violent rains they have flooded underground parkingtaking by surprise several people who were moving their car. At least 7 people they remained killed. Two survivors said they clung to plumbing pipes for 14 hours before rescuers brought them to safety. … Read more

«I am not applying, painful decision. I’ll be back to be a teacher »- Corriere TV

Thus the Minister of Public Administration in his speech at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio (LaPresse) “Am I not going to the elections? I preferred to continue doing this job for two months and then maybe go back to being a professor”. Thus Renato Brunetta in his speech at the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio. “It … Read more