goodbye to curfew and green pass, night clubs reopen –

from Paola De Carolis Prime Minister Martin has announced the end of most of the containment measures. From Monday we will return to work in the presence. For now, the obligation of masks remains LONDON – Spring is coming: with these words Prime Minister Michel Martin announced the end of the lockdown in Ireland, one … Read more

“He crashed a plane just to get more clicks” –

from Alessandro Vinci The FAA investigates a video of the 28-year-old: the well-founded suspicion that he deliberately caused an accident for mere reasons of online visibility How far can the hunger for web views go? Judging by what the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US government agency that deals with civil aviation, up to flying … Read more

the “serene” eve away from the Roman palaces –

from Monica Guerzoni Draghi’s weekend in Citt della Pieve. The premier for a united majority, without bringing the government to the electoral campaign On the hills that dominate the Val di Chiana, the clamor of the political forces arrives muffled and also softens a little. the anxiety of the eve. Mario Draghi closed for a … Read more

how it works, the fines and the vaccine lottery –

from Irene Soave To increase membership, the law provides that for each dose 500 euros can be won, which can be redeemed as vouchers in restaurants or shops The lower house of Parliament in Austria approved the law that provides for an obligation to vaccinate against Covid-19 for all adults starting from 1 February. Almost … Read more

Murder Gigi Bici, the blackmail and obsessions of the physiotherapist Barbara Pasetti-

from Andrea Galli The 60-year-old killed with a single bullet to the temple. The 44-year-old, in prison, under investigation for murder and concealment of a body. She would try to extort a ransom from his family. She defends herself: I’m innocent One single bullet to the temple, in an execution scenario, from a deliberate and … Read more

practical and political guide to the post-Mattarella vote. Podcast-

And in short, here we are. The first vote will be held on Monday 24 January for elect the new President of the Republic, who will take the place of Sergio Mattarella. Speaking at the plenum of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the current head of state greeted the members of the CSM by … Read more

the letter from 102 super rich to governments (Disney’s heir, not Bezos) –

They are the Millionaires for Humanity, the Patriotic Millionaires and the group that identifies with Tax me now. Together, these three super-rich associations have written an open letter to governments around the world, calling for more taxes to be imposed on them. The new appeal, after that of 2019 addressed by George among others Sera … Read more

“We have evidence of fraud committed by Trump and his sons” –

Laetitia James formalizes the accusation: “Inflated the value of six real estate assets”. His investigation parallels that of Attorney Bragg who is also examining possible criminal repercussions FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT NEW YORK The New York State Attorney, Laetitia James, formalizes the accusations against the Donald Trump clan. On Tuesday evening, January 18, he filed in … Read more