Stellantis, former Fiat workers go to study in France (for 160 euros a day) –

It certainly has a signaling value because it denotes a trend. Not a novelty in the true sense of the word – because it happened occasionally also in the past – but it certainly symbolizes a cultural revolution that Carlos Tavares wants to implement to raise productivity per employee. There is a spread – the … Read more

outside the parliamentarians from the board of public TV –

Out of the parties from Rai. The day after the fuss relieved by the rapper’s statements Fedez on preventive censorship suffered at the concert of 1 May, the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, calls for “a change of pace, a very strong discontinuity” in the upcoming appointments of the members of the Rai … Read more

calls, information and European projects within reach of citizens and companies –

Europe at your fingertips in all Italian regions: the new network of «Europe Direct» centers started on May 1st. From Trentino to Sicily, a total of 45 centers will be active that will help the European Commission and the EU Parliament to disseminate information and opportunities offered by the Union. Centers will be activated a … Read more

the record of Israel and Bhutan, the “case” of Gibraltar-

I am so far 1.14 billion doses of the anti-Covid vaccine administered worldwide in over 215 countries and territories. A campaign that records about 15 inoculations for every hundred people globally, but with obvious geographical differences, and which is based for now on eleven different vaccines approved not necessarily in all states. According to a … Read more

Coronavirus, in Lombardy 1,287 new cases and 23 deaths. In Milan and its province +375 contagi-

In Lombardy, since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, they tested positive for Sars-CoV-19 808,044 people (+1,287; the positive cases reported yesterday were 806.757 and the increase on the previous day was +2,139), according to the data provided by Lombardy region. Of these, overall, they are 32,945 died people (+23, yesterday +52). The hospitalizations in … Read more

Fca stops in Melfi for a week The fault of the (world) microchip crisis –

From tomorrow, Monday and until May 10th the factory Fca (ex Fiat) of Melfi, in Basilicata, he will stop his about 7,000 employees will be placed in layoffs. This was announced by the confederal unions of metalworkers. The stop to the plants, as well as the drop in demand, also determined by the semiconductor crisis … Read more