Corsica returns to yellow vigilance after a stormy night

After a stormy night, where Corsica was placed on orange alert “violent wind”, the island is again on yellow alert this Saturday noon. After a stormy night, where the services of Météo France had placed the island on orange vigilance for “violent wind”, the voltage dropped and the island returned to yellow vigilance, a few … Read more

Did Brožová escape to Corsica with a mysterious millionaire?

Kateřina Brožová (52) has several unsuccessful relationships. But now she seems to have found love again. The actress went to rest on the island of Corsica, where she is allegedly not alone. Fans are asking a lot about who is the author of the video that the actress is proud of. It was more than … Read more

great success for the launch of the free Covid-19 screening campaign

This Monday, July 27, Ajaccians were invited to go to the Ajaccio market hall and the Carrefour de Finosello to register for the free screening offered by the ARS in partnership with the town hall of Ajaccio and the town of Sarrola -Carcopino. Thus more than 150 people went at midday with the desire to … Read more

Jean-Baptiste Guegan, Nashville, the Navy of Davia in the Michel Mallory

There are fairy tales that sometimes we cannot imagine, even in dreams. However, the present-Jean-Baptiste Guegan is indeed real. A fairy tale for the boy with the voice of Johnny Hallyday, who is born of an encounter, however unlikely, between him and Michel Mallory, record-holder of songs written for the idol that has come to … Read more