Cristiano Ronaldo received a cosmic Arab offer

According to ESPN, the multi-time champion of this country Al-Nassr club offers the Portuguese superstar a three-and-a-half-year contract, which C. Ronaldo would earn over 100 million. US dollars per year. According to a report from ESPN, the Portuguese himself is inclined to wait until the end of the World Cup, but discussions between the player … Read more

Scientists discover that neutron stars are like giant cosmic bonbons – FayerWayer

For beginners and followers of science, there is no better way to understand a complex concept than with a simple, earthy example, How to compare neutron stars with chocolates. According to a report published on the website of Urban Technothis comparison borders on the minimum required to understand its structure, but it will surely invite … Read more

Science.-They manage to discern which were the galaxies of the ‘cosmic dawn’ – Publimetro Peru

MADRID, 28 (EUROPA PRESS) Using data from the SARAS3 radio telescope in India, an international team of researchers led by the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) have been able to observe the early Universe -just 200 million years after the Big Bang- and place limits on the mass and intensity energy of the first stars … Read more

This is how the most mysterious cosmic objects known to date could be ‘trapped’

“It’s not an asteroid, it’s not a comet, so… what is it?” This is what scientists wondered when, in October 2017, an astronomer from the University of Hawaii detected a strange object that was passing through the Solar System and was about to leave it. For its characteristics, did not coincide with any of the … Read more

Denmark, who wasted a cosmic opportunity, did not beat Tunisia | Sports

Although the Danes were considered favorites in the first official match against Tunisia, the African representatives showed what they are capable of. They created chances and on the pitch they did not concede anything to Denmark, who marched to the semi-finals of the European Championship last summer. Championship where Christian Eriksen gave the world a … Read more

The star of “Na Wspólnej” sells dumplings. Anna Korcz’s prices are cosmic

Unbelievable how the prices of Christmas catering from the star “Na Wspólnej” jumped. Anna Korcz, serial Izabela Brzozowska, showed on Instagram a price list of dishes that can be ordered from her. It’s not cheap! “Joke or mistake” – this is how one of the Internet users commented on the price of the vegetable salad. … Read more