Frequent coughs and colds, maybe this is the reason

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Not only in the rainy season, nasal congestion, cough, and colds can occur at any time and are very disturbing activities during work. Sometimes, you feel embarrassed when you cough during the Covid-19 pandemic. Launching from Pink Villa, coughs and flu is very disturbing while sleeping at night. Not to mention, when … Read more

The Importance of Choosing Medicines to Overcome Coughs and Colds in the Rainy Season

loading… JAKARTA – In the rainy season like today, coughs and colds become a threat to everyone, both adults and children. One of the most common is experiencing a cough with phlegm. Of course, very disturbing activities, especially if this condition is experienced by children or adults with solid activities. The reason is, in general, … Read more

10 Natural Flu Medicines Can Relieve Cold Coughs, You Can Really Try!

Jakarta – During the rainy season a person can become susceptible to colds or influenza. Taking natural cold remedies can reduce flu symptoms. As for flu medicine naturally easy to find as follows. Quoted by Healthline, Tuesday (11/10/2021), flu or influenza is caused by a virus. There are several natural remedies that can help relieve … Read more

Watch .. Biden coughs on his hand and shakes hands during a public rally in New Jersey • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Documented a video clip, US President Joe Biden coughing on his hand and shaking the air at a public gathering in New Jersey. In the video, “Biden” appeared without a mask during his speech, then suddenly stopped to cough, then shook the air, and came down from the podium to shake hands with … Read more

Mouse taro leaves and soursop reduce coughs to anti-viral

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The rat taro leaves and soursop leaves that are commonly found around us have many health benefits, from relieving coughs, pain medications, to antiviral inhibitors of SAR-CoV-2. Health Educator Dr. Jeffri Aloys Gunawan, Sp.PD said that currently available evidence shows that rat taro extract contains alkaloids, triterpenoids, lignans, flavonoids, tannins, and sterols … Read more

Honey helps better against coughs and colds than medication

Autumn will present us with new health challenges. With the start of the cold season, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish coughs, flu-like infections and flu from Sars-CoV-19 infections. If there is actually only a cold with a cough and all the accompanying symptoms, then treatment with honey is recommended, as British scientists write … Read more

Honey May Be Better Than Over-the-Counter Medicines For Coughs And Colds, New Study Says

A systematic review of 14 studies involving 1,761 people believes that this product could be useful in treating upper respiratory problems and thus avoiding the excessive use of antibiotics. A new study by the University of Oxford and Nuffield’s Department of Primary Care Health Sciences claims that honey may be more effective in eliminating cold … Read more

Tokyo coughs, new record of infections in the Japanese capital

The Nikkei, which had gained nearly 1.6% the previous day, lost 0.76% to 22,770.36 points and the broader Topix index dropped 0.66% to finish at 1,579.06 points. The Tokyo Stock Exchange retreated Thursday despite the rebound in growth in China in the second quarter, Japanese investors having especially retained a new peak in the daily … Read more