Magdalena Ogórek Jarosław Jakimowicz In the counter of TVP Info, separate Agnieszka Oszczyk who it is

„In opposition ” it’s lighter in shape, weekend journalistic and social magazinein which the pair of leaders – Jarosław Jakimowicz i Magdalena Ogórek – comment on current events from Poland and abroad. – As the name suggests, the format was designed in such a way that the lecturers would argue a bit, pinch the air … Read more

The “counter – terrorism operation” has almost ended throughout Kazakhstan

The situation has stabilized in 14 regions of Kazakhstan during this period. “Measures are being taken in the city of Almaty, Almaty and Zambil to identify and apprehend terrorists and others involved in other criminal activities during riots,” the committee said. Protests against the sharp rise in liquefied gas prices reportedly began on January 2 … Read more

Moderna is working on a new booster dose to counter Omicron

direct: Moderna CEO Stefan Bancel has predicted that people will need a second booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine this fall, as the vaccine’s effectiveness declines over the next few months. Bancel said at a health care conference, that Moderna is working on a booster dose focused on the Omicron mutant of the Corona virus, … Read more

He sneaked behind the counter of a fast food restaurant, taking the money but still serving a few customers

A (suspected) multiple thief, S. Róbert S. from Budapest, has fallen in Angyalföld, and his criminal record so far is as follows: highlighted a XXII. district fast food window from its location, then climbed into the store and stole money and a cell phone from there previously using the same method, he also took money … Read more

Audi wants to counter Tesla with its high-end fast-charging hub

Audi wants to charge on the motorway for a time apart and plans to deploy premium lounges. One way to differentiate itself from the superchargers of its American rival Tesla. The idea of ​​a fast-charging center equipped with all the amenities you need to be patient is not new. This is Tesla’s choice by positioning … Read more

French team. Jalibert-Ntamack, a “diversion” to counter New Zealand?

The day and the night. The performance ofFrench team during this autumn tour were very heterogeneous from one meeting to another. Sluggish in the faceArgentine, scramble against the Georgia, sparkling in front of the New Zealand. Some will see the weight of the association Jalibert–Ntamack in the first two encounters, which did not find its … Read more

India buys Russian-made S-400 to counter Pakistan threat

loading… NEW DELHI – India signed a $5.43 billion deal with Russia in 2018 for the delivery of five S-400 missile defense systems by 2023. The first S-400 system, whose deliveries are underway, will reportedly operate near India’s northern border, encompassing Pakistan and China. Missile systems also deployed on the eastern border focus on threats … Read more

Dislike counter restored on YouTube minutes after deletion

No, it has not been restored by the authorities the world’s largest video content sitebut by the users themselves. They considered such an idea to be harmful. Although the counter feet down will be visible to creators, but it will no longer be displayed to regular users. The authorities wanted it this way limit hate … Read more

The European Union offers aid to counter the microchip crisis

The world crisis of microchiphas been affecting the automotive market for some time now: the lack of microcircuits has very important repercussions on the global production of cars, in an already difficult period for the sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To face this difficulty, Europe is ready to take the field and help the … Read more