PQube has issued a statement countering AeternoBlade developer Corecell being cheated by a publisher.

After Mr. Nopphon Wannaphensakul, Managing Director of Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd., decided to issue a statement about PQube distributorgameIn Europe, where Corecell serves as distributiongame Eternal Blade II In Europe, however, distributors do not pay the contract guarantee. Also doing this with Mojiken Studio, a development studio.gamefrom Indonesia as well Able to read full content click … Read more

Countering mental fatigue: ‘Take more moments of rest throughout the day’

Scherder explains that fatigue in certain areas of the brain is nothing new, but that it was not yet known how it came about. Now there is an answer to that. The neuropsychologist explains that new research has shown that if you are cognitively active for a long time, one of the neurotransmitters, the signal … Read more

Countering the Impact of Western Sanctions, Russia Reduces Use of the US Dollar

loading… The annual chart of the US dollar and Russian ruble is seen on a ruble note in Warsaw, November 7, 2014. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – In response to various Western sanctions, Russia reduced the use of the United States (US) dollar in foreign exchange reserves and external settlements against the backdrop of strengthening sanctions. “Russia … Read more

Mattarella: “Countering the anti-scientific drift that blocks the future. Violence surprises and pains, civic sense is the real strength”

“It is surprising and painful that right now, in these moments, and not when there were moments with a dark horizon and the collapse of the country was feared, but today when we see an encouraging recovery, economically, socially, culturally, in which the country it is relaunching, right now phenomena, initiatives and acts of violence, … Read more