“They’re trying to buy me off with a knife”: Kick wants to sign Rubius and his best offer is a luxury CS:GO skin – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It seems that Kick’s offer that includes a 20,000 euro knife is not enough for Rubius Twitch is currently in an open war with Kickthe platform of streaming born in January of this same year and who has hit it off during these months after the arrival of streamers gigantic like Trainwrecks or Adin Ross. … Read more

Valve made him lose more than 200,000 dollars with a permanent punishment: He is the first ‘victim’ of the new Counter-Strike policies – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

New penalties for skin misuse are coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it’s time to be extra careful May 18, 2023, 6:30 p.m. – Updated May 18, 2023, 10:36 p.m. After nine years of carrying out skin exchanges, a player from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been banned forever. A punishment that allows him to continue … Read more

‘They secured their own severance pay’, CSGO team accused of insider trading to make money off stickers – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

His team went bankrupt and on Twitter some Counter player has posted how the former players were able to pull off some dirty tactic. May 4, 2023, 10:46 – Updated May 4, 2023, 11:21 Imagine that you play in an important team of a historical video game. Also imagine that you know that the club … Read more

Suspicious events are increasing in Russia. And the Ukrainian counter-strike is coming

As Ukraine’s armed forces appear to be finalizing preparations for a months-announced counter-offensive to retake territory occupied by Russian troops, Russia is reporting another series of suspicious accidents, explosions and alleged attacks. Railways and oil depots explode On Tuesday, the authorities in the Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine reported an explosion of a … Read more

Here’s why the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive case value dropped – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Recently, the value of many CS:GO cases has plummeted, as Valve released a number of new Anubis skins for its shooter and released Counter-Strike 2 Loom. It seems many players are desperate to get the rather expensive Anubis skins and they are selling everything in their inventory to do so, which means cases like the … Read more

A collector earns almost a million dollars in a week thanks to Counter-Strike and the euphoria of the players after the big announcement of Valve – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The sale of three cosmetics has made one CS:GO player close to a million dollars. One of the largest economic transactions in the history of video games has recently been carried out. A member of the community Counter-Strike: Global Offensive confirms to have exchanged two skins from the Valve video game for a total amount … Read more

Counter-Strike Legend ‘TaZ’ Taz Retires Pro

Counter-Strike 1.6 and CS:GO legend Viktor “Taz” Vitas announced his retirement from competitive Counter-Strike on March 31st. The 36-year-old veteran wrote on his social media account that his career in Counter-Strike was over, posting a picture of himself wearing a shirt that read “It’s all over.” There are few Counter-Strike players with a career like … Read more

Will Counter-Strike 2 kill CS:GO? Here’s everything you need to know about the new version of the legendary shooter | Executioner

Saying goodbye to CS:GO or is it still too early? Counter-Strike is one of the most enduring games in the world. Version 1.6 was a legend in computer clubs, home multiplayer, and eSports disciplines. Since 2012, the era of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version has begun. Almost eleven years have passed, and online has not … Read more

First major in Counter-Strike 2 takes place in Denmark

Copenhagen (AP) – The first major in Counter-Strike 2 comes to Denmark. As announced by organizer PGL, the most prestigious tournament will take place in March 2024 in Copenhagen. The big CS2 update, which is supposed to replace “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” this summer with some technical improvements, will be played for the first time. For … Read more