‘Intel stops with Core-X CPUs, releases Sapphire Rapids as Xeon Workstation’ – Computer – News

Intel is rumored to be discontinuing the Core X naming convention for its high-end desktop CPUs. Instead, the upcoming Sapphire Rapids CPUs may be released as Xeon Workstation processors. The chips may appear in the second half of 2022. The rumor comes from Moore’s Law is Dead, which is more likely to share information about … Read more

AMD: Windows 11 is up to 15 percent slower on AMD CPUs, fixes coming in October – Computer – News

The difference lies in binning: -Intel makes good and ‘even better’ monolithic CPUs (old generation you mention), random. They fall into a bin, are tested, ranked by performance of _worst core_, and separated from each other in groups. Then each performance group goes into a different SKU with a different max freq, which is therefore … Read more

Rumor: Intel Alder Lake-P CPUs for laptops get up to 14 cores and DDR5 – Computer – News

Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-P CPUs for laptops may have a maximum of 14 cores and a TDP of 12 to 45W, according to a leaked roadmap. The roadmap also shows lower-end Alder Lake-M laptop CPUs with up to 10 cores and TDPs from 7 to 15W. The leaked roadmap, published by Wccftech, confirms that the … Read more

Specifications of Intel Alder Lake-T desktop CPUs with 35W TDP appear – Computer – News

Again, you have to look very closely at the test. If you use / test an Intel CPU on a motherboard that does not follow the Intel spec, you can no longer use the TDP specified by Intel. So if you are going to read a review you should know how they test, within spec, … Read more

Intel LGA1700/1800’s 15R1 socket will be suitable for 12th-generation Alder Lake and 13th-generation Raptor Lake desktop CPUs | XFastest News

The picture shows Intel’s upcoming LGA1700/LGA 1800 sockets for the 12th-generation Alder Lake and 13th-generation Raptor Lake CPUs. The new 600 series chipset mainframe and the next generation 700 series motherboard will also use this socket. Just yesterday we saw the first picture of the Z690 chipset, which will appear in the high-end 600 series … Read more

Intel says it will make better CPUs than AMD and put pressure on NVIDIA with its GPUs

Intel is one of the manufacturers of hardware most important in the world that, for different reasons and also due to natural cycles that exist in all types of businesses, has seen its main rival in the processor market for some years, AMD, has surpassed them as a result of the launch of the first … Read more

Unexpectedly, PolD supercomputer uses EPYC CPUs

The company later promised a press release on the matter, which is a good indication of how quickly a decision could have been made at Argonne National Laboratory. Hirdetés It is a relatively rare thing to unveil supercomputers that the companies involved in the project do not issue a press release in parallel. THE With … Read more