Infidelities and separations. Carlos and Lely’s relationship has always been tumultuous. What will be next? SURVEY

The turbulent relationship between Carlos Vémola and Lely Ceter has already passed several tests. Vémola announced this week that he was ending with Lela because of her infidelity. She denied it and, on the contrary, accused Carlos of infidelity. She returned to Vémoland, but as she said, only for the children. Can the couple get … Read more

Biathletes are waiting for the last fight for places in the Olympic nomination

Davidová, Jislová, Lucie Charvátová, Eva Puskarčíková, Krčmář, Jakub Štvrtecký, Adam Václavík will compete in the World Cup, and after a break caused by positive coronavirus tests Tereza Voborníková and Mikuláš Karlík. They are all the main adepts to start under five circles. Tereza Vinklárková, Vítězslav Hornig, Tomáš Krupčík, Jonáš Mareček, Tomáš Mikyska and Milan Žemlička … Read more

Hockey player Jaromír Jágr mourns. His niece died († 40)

The family of hockey player Jaromír Jágr is experiencing difficult days. His niece Naďa Kallová died at the age of 40 before the end of last year. Her brother Jiří announced the sad news on social networks. The sad news came from the family of hockey player Jaromír Jágr. “Unfortunately, my beloved sister Naďa left … Read more

The crown strengthens significantly! The euro is the strongest in 10 years

The Czech currency is the strongest against the euro in the last 10 years. On Friday, it strengthened by seven pennies, ie to 24.44 CZK / EUR. In addition, it also improved against the dollar by 16 pennies, ie to 21.54 CZK / USD. According to experts, this is due to rising inflation and the … Read more

The riots in Kazakhstan will make petrol and probably electricity more expensive for the Czechs. Because of uranium

At the turn of the year, fuels in the Czech Republic slowed down the pace of their December reductions. This is due to a resurgence in oil, driven by the tense situation in Kazakhstan. Over the past seven days, petrol has fallen by only six pennies per liter, while diesel has fallen by nine pennies … Read more

Fastfood offers customers meat substitute chicken. They say you don’t know the difference

All KFC branches in the United States will offer their customers a version of vegan chicken, which is a substitute for Beyond Meat meat. The company believes that the new version of Chicken will celebrate success. From Monday, KFC will offer its clients across the United States a healthier version of the popular chicken. In … Read more

Harry Potter admitted his love for his older colleague. He confessed to her in the letter

Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter filmmaker, fell in love with Helena Bonham Carter during the filming. Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange was first portrayed in the Order of the Phoenix when Radcliff was 17 and she was 40 years old. The actor even wrote her a love letter. The godfather Sirius Black murdered him in cold … Read more

Omicron is accompanied by rare symptoms. The researchers said which appears first

When infected with omicron, people experience different symptoms than in the delta. According to the researchers, one symptom returned, which was often reported in 2020. They also found out what will appear as the first symptom after the infection. Your loved ones will soon know that you have been infected with omicron. The first sign … Read more

The Christmas photo of the Beckhams enjoys the internet. Soccer player envies his sons

Although David Beckham is no prankster, all his sons have outgrown him. In the family Christmas film, he tries to make a funny difference. His attentive fans registered it on Instagram. Football legend David Beckham (46) entertained fans with a Christmas photo on instagram. They noticed that next to his taller son Romeo, he was … Read more

The koruna briefly reached the euro below 25 crowns, for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic

The Czech koruna briefly reached the euro below 25 crowns on Christmas Day, according to Bloomberg. This happened for the first time since the covid-19 epidemic began in the Czech Republic. It last reached this limit in February 2020. For the first time since the outbreak of the covidu-19 pandemic, the Czech currency strengthened below … Read more