Covid craze, Dutch hospital sends patients to Germany and postpones surgery

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Dutch start sending patients Covid-19 ke German to ease the pressure on hospitals that are overwhelmed with the new wave of infections corona virus in the last few weeks. Dutch health officials said a patient was transferred by ambulance from Rotterdam to a hospital in Bochum, Germany, 240 kilometers away. A … Read more

Bitna Wang, challenge to draw star-shaped dalgona in the squid game craze! difficult to make

Bitna Wang, challenge to draw a star-shaped dalgona in the ‘squid game’ craze! “Difficult to make” Wang Bitna’s Story [헤럴드POP=임의정 기자] Bitna Wang challenged to make a star-shaped dalgona. On the afternoon of the 10th, actress Wang Bit-na posted two videos through her Instagram story. Along with the video, Wang Bitna wrote, “Wow. It’s really … Read more

Healing cute master Kabo is here! Logitech X co-branded keyboard and mouse with cats, cats, insects, and Kabo, madly instigating “softness with strength” craze | 4Gamers

Leading the trend once again, Logitech X and Mao Mao Chong Kabo jointly launched the Pebble M350 Wireless Mouse Logitech is co-branded with the super-popular healing lover-Kabo, and launched the “Logitech X Diary of Cats and Insects Kabo with Power” co-branded wireless mouse combo and keyboard and mouse gift box. From work, life to imagination, … Read more

“You look more like a celebrity than a celebrity”… ‘Virtual model’ craze without worrying about gossip

Companies launch AI virtual models one after anotherTargeting the familiar MZ generation in the metaverse by adding worldviews such as occupation, age, and hobbies Rosie advertising a new car from an automaker. / Photo = Rosie’s Instagram capture [아시아경제 윤슬기 기자] Artificial intelligence (AI) models that can be active at any time without time and … Read more

Meet the 12-year-old guy who earned 120 million forints in the NFT craze

Profitable hobby “I first learned about NDPs earlier this year” – he said CNBC Make It to Ahmed in London, then added: “Impressed because blockchain technology allows you to transfer ownership of an NFT in a matter of secondsHowever, Ahmed went further than mere contemplation, for after he was attracted to technology, decided to create … Read more

The Atlantic Council on Putin’s craze for Ukraine: an excuse for an even bigger war

There is nothing entirely new in the five-thousand-word essay, but it can be considered an important official of the many myths and conspiracy theories that have long fueled Putin’s craze for Ukraine, summary. It is also clear from the outline that he sees the ongoing aggressive campaign against Ukraine as both a historic mission and … Read more

end of a united era or beginning of a craze behind the Belgians at the Olympics?

Behind a solo TV or in a supporters’ camp, the Belgians have once again united under the colors red, yellow and black to support their national team in Euro football. North-South tensions, political headaches or language problems are temporarily suspended. When the Devils shine, Belgium counts as one. But this defeat against Italy on Friday … Read more

The spread of COVID-19 continues to craze, a curfew will be implemented in Sidoarjo

Sidoarjo – Police will reapply curfew in Sidoarjo. This application is expected to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19. “We have discussed with Forkopimda Sidoarjo, the plan is to hold a curfew restriction activity,” said Sidoarjo Police Chief AKBP Kusumo Wahyu Bintoro while monitoring the vaccination raid at the Green Mansion Housing in Ngingas … Read more