technology to create 3D objects more easily

Share Tweet Share Share Email Nvidia just presented a new technology during the Conference Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CPVR) in New Orleans. During the event, the company presented the Nvidia 3D MoMa, an AI aimed at simplifying the creation of 3D objects. Get 3D rendering from 2D images The creation of 3D objects remains … Read more

Twitter announces new function “Notes” that can create long sentences without being bound by the limit of 140 characters –GIGAZINE

Twitter has a character limit of “140 characters per tweet”, but a new function that allows you to post long sentences without being bound by this limit “NotesWas revealed to be under test. For Notes,Its existence was reportedHowever, Twitter has officially announced that it is being tested. Notes on Twitter is a function for posting … Read more

Stay at home and get together!Dating and Dating Let’s Create a New Model of Metaverse Friendship | T Kebang

In order to meet the needs of single men and women to meet new people, and at the same time provide a more interesting and diversified form of friendship, Dating and Dating and HEDER have launched Metaverse Online Friendship, using the Metaverse platform GOXRusers can participate in the Metaverse GODATING online friendship through mobile phones … Read more

Penquistas create an app that seeks to revolutionize home cleaning: this is how it works | Technology

Three friends from Concepción began an adventure more than 4 years ago with the aim of creating an app that would connect customers and suppliers of different types of cleaning services, now their application will be released in July. “Great cleaning” or “deep cleaning” is the meaning of Soji (Japanese), the name of the application … Read more

– No need for Norges Bank to create a downturn in the Norwegian economy – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

DNB’s chief economist Kjersti Haugland now warns the central bank. She fears that too strong an interest rate medicine will send the economy into an unnecessary downturn. – I both hope and believe that Norges Bank will keep a cool head and increase the interest rate by 0.25 percentage points. If they pull too hard, … Read more

Experts Open Up Opportunities To Create Jets With Light Speed ​​Like The Millennium Falcon

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Speed ​​of light impossible to reach by humans and their vehicles, so the classical theory physics said. The reason is, the closer to the speed of light, the greater the energy required. Now, there is a bright spot through certain particles. In the science fiction universe of Star Wars, vehicles at … Read more

Facing the Climate Crisis, Scientists Plan to Create Bubble Shield to Protect Earth from the Sun : Okezone techno

TIM MIT researchers plan to create a giant bubble as a protective shield between the earth and the sun. It is also to prevent further disasters from climate crisis. Reported from The ByteMonday (06/20/2022), Spearheaded by MIT’s Sensible Cities Lab, the project dubbed “Space Bubbles” poses a reasonable question to them and provides a curious … Read more

Coalition tinkering towards the 2024 Presidential Election, Can 4 Axis Create?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A number of political events last weekend made the constellation and map ahead 2024 presidential election keep changing. Coalition carriages are predicted to occur up to four axles. The first event was the announcement of a presidential candidate by the General Chairman of the NasDem Party, Surya Paloh. He announced the three … Read more

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may make the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely.

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may create the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely On June 18, the youth campus film “A Week of Friends” starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, and Shen Yue, starring Wang Jiahui, was released nationwide on … Read more