Club World Cup opener: Cairo national team advances to Chinese referee law enforcement to create history – Teller Report

Original title: Cairo national team advanced to the opening match of the Club World Cup Xinhua News Agency, Rabat, February 1. In the opening match of the 2022 Morocco World Cup on February 1, the Cairo Nationals of Egypt defeated the New Zealand team Auckland City 3-0 to advance to the second round. Chinese referee … Read more

They create a model to study the movement of the planets

Researchers proposed a model of the Sun in the form of a small crystal ball. This invention can help model space events in laboratories. This crystal ball is barely three centimeters in diameter. Despite its size, simulates the key forces surrounding giant planets and stars. Specialists can obtain crucial data on the formation and behavior … Read more

Gelija Vaškūnė who came to MAMA: about the relationship with her sons Remi and Gamka and the music they create | Names

2023 01 31, 14:05 For subscribers The mother of performers Remi and Gamka, Gelija Vaškūnė, visited the MAMA awards together. She told the portal which son’s song she likes the most and what made this event stand out. Gelija Vaškūnė, Germanas Daškevičius-Gamka and Remigijus Daškevičius-Remis with their friends / Teodoros Biliūnas / BNS photo.

New Apple .. a program to create virtual reality applications

30 – January – 2023 Last updated: January 30, 2023 2:20 PM Virtual reality glasses Technical reports revealed that Apple is developing a program to help users create applications for the upcoming Mixed Reality glasses, so that they can build their own augmented reality applications. This came in a Reuters report based on 4 people … Read more

Green Genius for 7.5 million EUR will create accumulators for solar parks and industry | Business

Accumulator technology will make it possible to integrate even 30 percent of electricity into limited-bandwidth electricity networks. more renewable resources without upgrading power grids, the company said. “After the implementation of the project, the first electricity accumulators will appear, integrated in industrial companies and solar parks, which will be able to really use all the … Read more

It is rumored that Apple (AAPL.US) develops software to help create augmented reality applications in mixed reality helmets

If you want to share the news, please fill in the recipient and your email, and then click “Send”. Please use a semicolon “;” to separate different email addresses, example: [email protected];[email protected] It is rumored that Apple (AAPL.US) develops software to help create augmented reality applications in mixed reality helmets The information technology news media “The … Read more

United Kingdom: A scientific “Truman Show” to create the housing of the future

In the north of England, a huge laboratory is capable of recreating the most extreme climatic conditions. The objective: to test the energy efficiency of future homes, and help builders make the best choices, while gas and energy prices in general are reaching peaks in the country.(Video: AFP/chs)

Create a sticky drone to collect environmental DNA from forest canopies

Swiss scientists have developed a proof-of-concept method to collect environmental DNA (eDNA) from High Arch forest trees, an uncontrolled habitat, and genetic material — giving them a clearer picture of the area’s organic breakdown, according to reports. The researchers used a quadcopter with a viscous collection cage, but because tree branches can bend at the … Read more

Gerard Piqué fans create a song against Shakira: “A more chopped cat”

The imagination is free. This has been shown by some fans of Gerard Piqué who have surprised with a song against Shakira. These fans of the footballer, better known as rappers Sansixto ft Dife MMP & Willy Dhave emulated the famous video of the artist’s session #53 and have harshly criticized her lyrics. The video … Read more

Make history Djokovic achieves “ten crowns” at Australian Open_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan Net

  Original title: Make history Djokovic achieves Australian Open “ten crowns” In the 2023 Australian Open men’s singles final on the 29th, the Serbian king Djokovic defeated the No. 3 seed and the Greek Tsitsipas 3:0, creating a historic record of the Australian Open “ten crowns”. Djokovic at the awards ceremony on January 29.Published by Xinhua … Read more