Scientists have created miniature wormholes. They were able to pass a message between them

In a professional article published in a journal Nature reported that they had indeed succeeded in creating a through wormhole based on teleported quantum information. According to them, there was no physical interruption of space and time during the experiment. The research results apply to a simplified model of the universe that resembles a hologram, … Read more

Ganglion cells were created in mice in an attempt to repair sore eyes

Summary: The researchers induced non-neural cells that mimic ganglion cells in mouse eyes, effectively reducing the impact of several eye diseases. They hope to replicate their technique in humans to help restore vision lost due to eye disease. source: Washington University While fish, reptiles, and even some birds can regenerate damaged brain, eye, and spinal … Read more

He created an alternative to avocado – ecovad: he assures that even the most vigilant will not be able to distinguish it from the real thing

It is estimated that 320 liters of water are needed to grow one avocado, and due to the increasing demand for them, monoculture farms are increasingly being created. The proposed solution is an eco-guide, Ecowatch writes. Ecovada is an avocado alternative that helps consumers reduce the amount of avocado they eat by introducing them to … Read more

Gilberto Gil celebrates love in an opera-song created in Paris

Published on : 02/12/2022 – 05:30Modified : 02/12/2022 – 05:29 Paris (AFP) – Double happiness for Gilberto Gil: the Brazilian music star launches an opera-song in Paris around “love more important than death” and savors “the return of hope” with the election of Lula in Brazil. “It’s a lot of emotions, I had never played … Read more

A Bulgarian software company has created a platform for customer service and communication

Social networks, chats, messengers, e-mails – businesses that work with customers notice that their users are increasingly shifting “business” communication to the previously considered informal channels of communication through which they communicate with their friends and families. People expect to receive quality service and an answer to their queries not only on email and phone, … Read more

5 Cloned Creatures That Researchers and Scientists Have Created

loading… There are a number of cloned creatures that are claimed to have been successfully created by researchers in history. DOK wikipedia’s photo JAKARTA – There are a number creature Cloning claimed to have been successfully created by researchers in history. On its use, method clone usually aimed at saving various endangered species that are … Read more

One of the largest bank-owned mobile payment companies in Europe is being created, with an IT competence center in Lithuania

Donatas Kunigonis, CEO of MobilePay in Lithuania. The leaders of Scandinavian mobile payment services have merged – MobilePay, which belonged to Danske Bank, operates in Denmark, Finland, has an IT competence center in Lithuania, and Vipps, which belongs to a consortium of banks, and operates in Norway. This merger will aim to become one of … Read more