Coca-Cola was supposed to help with morphine addiction, potato chips were just a joke: The inventions that changed our lives were created by accident

Other Kristýna Ševčíková 09. 08. 2022 A microwave oven, glue or penicillin make life easier for millions of people around the world. Believe it or not, these inventions often came about completely by accident. Even favorite foods or drinks are the result of a mistake. People are always chasing big things, success or fame, but … Read more

Russia has created a new army corps, British intelligence reports

To support the war in Ukraine, Russia has almost certainly created a new and massive ground force formation, the 3rd Army Corps (3AK), based in Mulino, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, according to the latest intelligence released by Britain’s Ministry of Defence. Content will continue after the ad Advertising London reports that Russia likely plans to provide … Read more

Saber (SBR) developer created 11 fake profiles to manipulate TVL

The Macalinao brothers, who founded the stablecoin protocol Saber (SBR), allegedly used fake developer profiles to fake the Total Value Locked (TVL) on Solana’s DeFi (SOL). Indeed, Ian Macalinao would have created several protocols used in symbiosis with Saber, pretending to be 11 different developers. Solana (SOL) : Le développeur de Saber (SBR) a créé 11 faux … Read more

Camouflage nets of 500 square meters are being created in Latvia, which will be handed over to Ukraine

In order to create camouflage nets covering an area of ​​500 square meters, a team of more than 1,000 people carefully audited closets for days, looked for fabrics, selected and tore strips of cotton fabric in the required sizes and numbers by color and composition – a total of 100 thousand. The task was challenging … Read more

Stoltenberg: the conflict in Ukraine has created the most dangerous situation in Europe since World War II

War Ukraine has the most dangerous situation that has existed in Europe since the Second World War, he said on July 4 NATO general secretary Jens Stoltenberginforms the media “Reuters”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In order for Moscow not to succeed, NATO and its member states must be ready to continue supporting … Read more

The portal “” – Es – Cilvēks was created to support Ukrainian refugees

The “” portal gives landlords the opportunity to post free ads and reach Ukrainian refugees directly with housing offers, providing opportunities for safe communication between potential tenants and landlords. Also available on the portal is information on available financial assistance for both tenants and people who offer housing for free, general information on housing rent, … Read more

The portal “” was created to support Ukrainian refugees / Diena

On the portal, residents are invited to apply for housing that is available to Ukrainians for rent or free of charge. The portal also provides practical information on housing rental issues. All materials are prepared in Latvian and Ukrainian languages. The “” portal gives landlords the opportunity to post free ads and reach Ukrainian refugees … Read more

Accused of having created a pyramid scheme worth over 3 billion

The US Financial Supervisory Authority (SEC) announced on Monday that it is indicting 11 people for their role in what is alleged to have been a crypto-pyramid scheme in the form of a ponzi scheme, where the concept brought in over $300 million, or NOK 3 billion, from investors . MarketWatch writes this on Tuesday. … Read more