How sentient whales from the movie “Avatar: The Way of the Water” were created

IGN has posted a short video on the design of intelligent tulkun whales for Avatar: The Way of the Water. They showed a few first sketches, art, and beautiful screenshots with the final material. They said less interesting things, except perhaps about a special small fin that was added next to the whale’s eye, so … Read more

Art is the greatest blessing that God created.. The artist, Mohamed Adel, raises controversy, and the audience responds

The artist, Mohamed Adel, raised the controversy after recent statements he made, in which he spoke about his love for art, and emphasized that art is the greatest blessing that God Almighty created. What happened?. Artist Mohamed Adel “Mido”: Art is the greatest blessing, and I will not be afraid of anyone The artist, Mido … Read more

Portugal – “With Ronaldo, Martinez created a problem for himself that he did not have” – ​​Video Football

Football EURO 2024 QUALIFICATIONS – Scorer of two braces against Liechtenstein (4-0) and Luxembourg (0-6), Cristiano Ronaldo has regained the unshakable status he lost at the World Cup. For what ? And, above all, is it desirable for the selection of Roberto Martinez? Answer with Julien Pereira in Tour d’Europe, available in podcast. (Real: H.Hiault … Read more

Levi’s uses digitally created human models to present its clothes

Levi’s, the brand known for producing a variety of denim clothing, is going to use digitally created human models created with the help of artificial intelligence. Levi’s has partnered with Amsterdam-based digital model studio to create various human avatars. This is done with the idea of ​​making it as easy as possible for buyers … Read more

This man has created a new private army

ON TOUR: Vladimir Putin at the wheel and Sergej Aksyonov in the sidecar in Sevastopol, Crimea in August 2019. Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / AP Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin is no longer alone. The man in Vladimir Putin’s sidecar has also created his own private military group. With old Wagner officers in the lead. Published: 25. … Read more

Ernestas from Vilnius created his own cosmetics line: the start of the business had to be invested as much as the cost of a new car

Probably, I will not lie when I say that the competition in the cosmetics market is simply enormous. Here in Lithuania, there is an abundance of products from both local and foreign producers. However, this situation did not deter Ernest Dvilevičius from Vilnius from his ambition to create his own cosmetics line “Chalures”. “Everything started … Read more

Vaudoise Laura Gilli created a poster for David Guetta

Laura Gilli, photographer This Vaudoise made a poster for David Guetta Laura Gilli photographed the electronic music icon. The shot was appreciated and it ended up being used as a poster for the French DJ’s Ibiza residency. Posted24 mars 2023, 06:43 Laura now spends most of her time in Paris. Sebastien Bertrand It’s a big … Read more

Stäcketöri again – Another festival for the region is being created here

Six young people are organizing an open-air festival in Zäziwil for the first time. At the end of June you can celebrate indie, dialect and techno at the “Stäcketöri Freiluft”. BERN-OST spoke to one of the organizers. The Than Rock Festival has been taking place in Zäziwil for years, this summer the Than Rock will … Read more

So many Russians that a “little Moscow” is being created. People are storming – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet Bali is a tropical island. Currently, a large part of it is occupied by Russians who do not want to return to their homeland after the invasion of Ukraine. As a result, tens of thousands of Russians are illegally extending their stay. The local community doesn’t like it. War in Ukraine. Follow the … Read more

The Argentine Productive Strengthening Program for beef production is created

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation informs that today the creation of the Argentine Productive Strengthening Program for Bovines was made official, through Resolution 321/2023, with the purpose of providing an alternative for the termination of animals before the low supply of fodder as a consequence of the drought. In this … Read more