“They look like extraterrestrial footprints”: NASA publishes a creepy image of a crater on Mars that impressed Internet users

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) of the USA published this Monday a stunning image of a crater on Marswhich has left Internet users completely amazed. “The Martian crater marks the place”, the space agency wrote in the caption of the Instagram image. The space agency captured the image using a tool called the … Read more

Atalanta Leipzig, the tribute of the Nerazzurri fans to the players is creepy. VIDEO | Sky Sports

Beyond the result. At the end of the game lost against Leipzig which decreed the elimination of Atalanta in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, the fans of the Goddess paid homage to the Nerazzurri players with a very long tribute. Zapata and his companions went under the curve to collect the applause of those … Read more

Creepy, Three Russian Soldiers Killed and 25 Injured by Bee Attacks in Ukraine

Illustration: big Asian wasp or hornet. (Source: Shutterstock) KIEV, KOMPAS.TV – A gruesome bee attack has reportedly left three Russian soldiers dead and 25 injured in a village in Ukraine. A large swarm of bees leaving their hive in Chelburda Village, Oleshkovsky District attacked a Russian army camp. The injured Russian soldier was rushed to … Read more

So Yoo-jin’s astonishment “Usually Koh Yu-jeong, I never thought of myself as a murderer, so it’s creepy” (Black) : Sports Dong-a

Choi Gwi-hwa and So Yu-jin are shocked when they see the video of Ko Yu-jeong’s arrest that turned the Republic of Korea upside down in the summer of 2019. In Channel A’s ‘Black: I Saw the Devil’ (abbreviated as Black), which aired on the 2nd, the ex-husband who was divorced was murdered and the body … Read more

Creepy! Archaeologists have unearthed a tomb in Egypt and froze VIDEO

Archaeologists have discovered 30 mummies in Egypt. They were of different ages, including several elderly people with arthritis, children and a newborn baby. Although researchers have not yet dated the tomb, they suspect that a family has buried their dead in it for centuries, BTA reports. According to Patricia Piacentini, a professor at the University … Read more

Creepy! This is the US-UK-Ukraine vs Russia Military Strength

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The situation in Ukraine is heating up. This tension has also dragged major world powers such as the United States and its military coalition, NATO, and also Russia. Most recently, in helping Ukraine, which feels threatened by Moscow, Washington is planning to send more troops to the region. The US alone … Read more

“They are creepy, but they help me”, Tina (47) paints dolls to give her autism a place (Roeselare)

Tina Van De Velde shows her dolls and statues for the first time in K-Trolle Tina loves horror movies and that inspires her in her work. “It’s an outlet for my frustration and anger.” — © sbr Roeselare – At the start of the corona crisis, Tina Van de Velde was diagnosed with autism. The … Read more

Silent Hill Creator Shares Details About Creepy New Horror Game Slitterhead

Bokeh Game Studios’ first project promises to include mechanics never before seen in video games. Keiichiro Toyama, one of the creators of Silent Hill and Siren, showed us a first look at The Game Awards 2021 gala to what will be the first game from his new studio, Bokeh Game Studios. Slitterhead put us in … Read more